A Book A Week

Most of us are busy gambling on the most dangerous risk of all — living our whole life not doing what we want on the bet that we can buy the freedom to do it later.

This week’s book:

Into the Wind by Jake Ducey

My Bias

As a college student that lives life with a fiercely independent agenda, I connected with Jake’s book more than any other book I’ve ever read. (I realize that the proper way to refer to an author is by their last name, but when you read Jake’s book and find out who he is, you’d realize how weird it would be to refer to him as Ducey.)

Whether you’re 15, 21, or 82, read this book.

Fun Fact

Jake Ducey wrote the first draft of this book when he was 19 yrs old. He said that when he wrote it, he felt as if he’d already written it, that’s how easy it all came. His travels and personal experiences allowed him to find his voice and flow.

Core Message

Another quotation will serve well to convey the core message of the book. Jake recalled his close friend, Fernando, saying:

“Too many people live within unhapppy circumstances but will not take the intitative to change their situation, because they are unaware of their power to do so,” he said. “Truly being yourself is more than enough to transform the planet,” he reminded us again. “Whenever you have trouble in the busyness of the world, stop and look within. You’ll find the answers that will continue to guide you. It’s those who don’t have a foundation in the spiritual world and cannot let go of the old way of life that won’t endure the coming world shifts. Yet there is no end to our being; we are endless and eternal.”

Find who you really are. Accept who you really are. Love who you really are. Act on who you really are. I talk more about finding out who you really are in this article.


Jake’s story is amazing. As a reader, it made me cry, laugh, and self-reflect on profound levels. It made me ask myself what I value most in this world. When’s the last time you read a book written by a 19-yr-old that got you to that level? The answer is never. In case you’re wondering: I value family, love, knowledge, inner-peace, and good people more than anything else in this world.

This book is action packed, thoroughly captivating, and highly spiritual all at the same time. As a 19-yr-old traveling the world, Jake takes in the human experience on a deeper level than most people will feel in a lifetime.

He travels to Guatemala, Australia, Indonesia, Bali, and many more places. He always lets the wind take him to his next destination, never planning where he’ll go. He meets beautiful people and forms relationships that, after only a few days, have a feeling of family associated with them. He completely opens himself up to the world, expects nothing in return, and end up getting everything.

Call to Action

Jake asks a lot of his readers. Based on the level of spirituality that he discovered in his travels, he fully believes every person has the ability to find the same. And he suggests that you do.

If you aren’t willing to lose your life to help another, you’ll never really live at all.
When we live more in our imagination, we give ourselves the freedom to wander into unfamiliar territory and we can create new possibilities and miracles.

You create who you are, so think big and create the best version of yourself.

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