The Most Important Thing a Red Pill Man Can Do

Masculinity and reality have been under attack in Western society for quite some time now. As men who are fortunate enough to have come across the red pill and are thus fully aware of this war, we must set our priorities straight to aid the proliferation of masculinity in not just ourselves, but in the population at large.

Many know that I am a huge fan of autodidactism; also known as self-education. This is not unique to me of course; it is an essential trait among red-pill men since one must educate themselves on the forces that work against them somehow, and traditional schooling obscures almost all of the most important facts. With the Marxist perversion of the Western (Prussian) education system, you will never be taught life’s most important lessons in a traditional school. Therefore, one must learn life’s lessons both on their own and through websites such as Western Mastery and other Manosphere sites.

We know that the red pill saves lives. Although some may find it very challenging to swallow at first as their illusions about the world are destroyed, there is little doubt that those who use the knowledge to make their lives better will ultimately be much better off than if they remained blue pilled and ignorant of the world’s inner workings.

The expansion of the red pill since its introduction has been truly impressive. In just over a decade or so, the community and knowledge base has grown significantly. Although most of the public is still blue pilled and some are purple pilled, many inconvenient truths about the world have been getting out to the general public. There’s been significant progress, especially as certain aspects of Manosphere knowledge reach outlets with very wide audiences such as Mike Cernovich, InfoWars, Stefan Molyneux, and so forth. Even Fox News, which is largely controlled opposition o the rest of the MSM, occasionally lets red pill truth bombs slip out.

There are more red pill men than ever because of this expansion of truth and knowledge. We know the truth about women and at least most related subjects. Most of us have gone through multiple trials in our lives to test our willpower and our commitment to the knowledge gained from the red pill. We have had the knowledge of others laid down upon us, and it has benefitted most of us immensely, even if it is unpleasant information to learn.

So in this spirit, perhaps the most important thing a man can do once they are fully into the red pill lifestyle: they have learned game, they have gotten skilled with women, they understand the many other subjects that the red pill leads them to, and they live a self-improvement lifestyle, is to pay their knowledge forward to other men.

Bring the sweet word of the red pill to your fellow man. Educate them on related subjects you (hopefully) know a lot about such as economics, politics, and so forth, and maybe even put forward some truths to women as well. Put out as much knowledge as possible to the general population in doses that they can handle.

In order to do this, one must identify what truths a person can handle, and identify those who are susceptible to learning. Many people out there are susceptible to learning at least some red pill truths that are presented to them. Some will damn well eat it all up, but they just haven’t been presented the information yet. You cannot fully predict what type of reaction a person will have, but a little truth serum often goes a long way.

Recent Experience and Conclusions

I have been making it my goal to pay the truth forward and help as many men as possible. This is one of the primary goals of Western Mastery. Below are some of my most recent experiences from educating men in the “real world.”

Many men that one might consider “alpha” still have issues with women. For instance, I overheard a tall, alpha male type black man that I work with complaining about his newly-moved-in girlfriend because she told him to pick up the clothes off of his floor in his own damn house. He was pissed at her because it was irrational and rude — although of course, his anger is a byproduct of him taking women too seriously. A simple mindset shift and an aura of amused mastery would help him in spades.

I told him to consider it a test and to ditch the bitch if she wouldn’t respect him in his own house. While he agreed it was a test, he still took the advice of the girl standing next to me, who told him that her behavior was because she was used to a certain living situation on her own, along with other nonsense. I wanted to talk to him later about it in private to see if I could truly convince him, largely for the sake of practice, but I didn’t get the opportunity to pull him aside. This man could use a heavy dose of relationship game from Chateau Heartiste.

I also recently educated a twice-and-recently-divorced man in his late 50’s on the benefits of dating foreign women; specifically, taking a trip to the Philippines to test the waters with the women there instead of the United States. He was in good shape and looked about 2/3 of his age, and he made it clear that he was ready to try something new in his life.

I told him he’d never want to come back to American women after taking a nice extended trip out of the country. I educated him on lifestyle changes and various other red pill truths. The more I told him about it, the more excitement I could see in his eyes. He started looking up details of a potential trip there not much later.

Many men just need to be told about the opportunities that they have at the right time in their lives. Keep in mind, of course, that red-pilling a man is not typically this easy; I hit the right person at the right time in his life, but identifying who is susceptible to this information is part of the process. I don’t know if he will actually go or not, but at least I grabbed his full attention and slipped in some truth serum for him.

Another guy I know in his early twenties who I consider very open minded absolutely eats up all of the red pill information I gave him. He didn’t know about the red pill prior, but he clearly showed a lot of distrust in the government, the media, and so forth. This is exactly the type of person to look for when you seek to give someone red pill truths. I pointed him to appropriate resources and everything he needs to know to get started.

From these examples, you can see one failure and two successes. There is no saving everybody, but you can save a lot of people. Some people are simply too ego-invested into their inadequate belief system, or they fail to learn out of instinct or habit.

Do your best to be a role model, teach men truths about women and the world, and coach them where they’ve gone wrong. Point them to red pill sites where they can get the information they need, and back up your information with facts. Statements such as “if you don’t believe me, you can easily look this up,” are very powerful, because it shows confidence in the truth and it allows people to see for themselves the information that you give them.

The Market for Truth

There will always be a market for truth. As more people are personally affected by the lies of the culture around them, they seek to find out explanations for why bad things have happened to them. When people are at their low moments; ie, post-divorce, these are the key times to interject into a person’s life with a heavy dose of reality.

There’s also a smaller size of the population who intentionally seek out the truth. These people are generally open-minded and will generally consider all facets of an argument. Unfortunately, these people are uncommon. The majority of people aren’t as rigorous about finding the truth, but the truth ultimately finds many of them regardless. Some, of course, will never understand what’s going on around them no matter how many times they are hit by reality, but a natural facet of humanity is that there will always be winners and losers, with the majority of the population somewhere in between.

This said, it seems that most people know that the world is fucked up, even if they cannot fully define why or sometimes even how. They often have their own rationales for why the world is what it is, whether they are true or not. Regardless, many understand that things are not as they should be. Men, in particular, mostly seem to understand to varying extents that forces in society are working against them. Many of them just need their enemies to be clearly defined to them.

The reason why things are fucked up is often obscured throughout human history. The general reason for this is because the why typically occurs several levels above the average person’s head, so they cannot see what is going above them. In other words, people live their daily lives working their 9–5 jobs, while those controlling public policy are typically those in high-level government jobs and/or work in the shadows. Those working jobs most of their lives never see these things play out in person and have to use the media to get an idea of what’s happening. History is full of leaders who lied to their populace about major events, false flag operations to start wars, finger pointing, escapism, and so forth.

So people see the byproduct of Cultural Marxism, feminism, and so forth. In order for them to see the why, they need to get their information from good media sources — and unfortunately, many are still locked into watching the mainstream media, instead, who will lie to them about virtually everything that matters. Many people are too busy blaming the rich, blaming men for women’s self-caused problems, and so forth. These reasons are false; but people use them to blame the problems of the world on, either because it is convenient for them or because they are stupid and/or intellectually lazy.

With all of this said, the truth can only be obscured for so long. The more people are lied to and the more that are affected by it, the more of them are able to eventually figure it out. They often just need a helping hand. Even if it’s uncomfortable and obscured, there will always be a large subset of the population people who will buy the truth. Thus, the market for truth; the very foundation of what the red pill has always been about, will always exist.

Who is Susceptible to Red-Pill Truths?

Look for men who have similar interests. These are men who have high testosterone levels and are much more likely to hold more conservative, traditional values of society, such as athletes, weight lifters, members of the armed forces, and so forth. These are the types of men that often know simply by a matter of feeling know that things are stacked against them. Often times, you just need to tell them why things are happening, and how they can further improve themselves to combat against it.

In addition, look for men in downturns in their life where you identify that they need a red-pill teaching. This was true about the gentleman who I taught about life and women in the Philippines. This principle is particularly true when they are in a very emotional state and need something to blame for their anger. History is full of many examples of people being manipulated when they are in highly emotional states. This facet of human nature can be used for the good by steering someone towards the truth.

Also, look for men who are young and open to knowledge. Many young men just need an older red pilled man to steer them in the right place. If they can see your measurable success and you can connect with them, you will likely be able to red pill them. Always back up your facts with sources that you can pull up on your smartphone, or other sources, if necessary.

Lastly, look for men with conservative political beliefs. They typically have fewer hang-ups than the left about red pill truths. For instance, if someone knows about the realities of the deep state, a term that is now used frequently in conservative networks, they are more likely to understand the realities of an ideology such as Cultural Marxism, feminism, and other such truths.

If you are a good role model, like-minded men will want to know how you do what you do. That is, if you dress well, you’re in shape, you’re successful, and if you are full of wisdom; people will respect you and wonder how you got to where you are. Fellow men will see you as a symbol of success and listen more to what you say. Even many women will be much more likely to listen to what you say and will admit or at least partially learn red pill truths that you spit out.

Identify What You Can and Cannot Introduce to a Person

Those who are too ego-invested into an inadequate belief system are among the most challenging to educate. In many subjects, the most you can do is point them to the correct information and point out their cognitive dissonance when they rationalize why they won’t listen to it. Sometimes they’ll know you have a point even if they don’t want to admit it.

That said, these types of people are still susceptible to some red pill or other similar truths. For instance, a health-oriented man who is a beta male with women may still be very interested in learning about health subjects, such as xenoestrogens, soy, and fluoride in the water system. These truths may open them to other truths down the road. Do the most you can do to educate those who still resist certain subjects.

Many liberals I know will fully admit that they don’t understand many economic principles (surprise, surprise). However, many of them will gladly eat up economic knowledge, especially if it appears that you don’t have an agenda. It’s typically when you hit them on the grander scheme or an ego-invested belief that you see pushback, such as educating them on why Medicare and Medicaid shouldn’t exist. You can at least educate them on real facts before this pushback occurs.

Resistance is not always impossible to overcome. Even with resistance, you can encode thoughts into people’s brains even if they consciously disagree or are unaware of it. Master persuaders and advertisers are very aware of this. People tend to make decisions subconsciously and backward rationalize them to themselves. This is a subject for another post, however.

Motivation can often be challenging to inspire. Some people are simply more motivated to change and grow than others. With many men, the best thing you can do is be a strong role model, hold people accountable for what they say they’ll do, and/or be a great persuader.


A huge percentage of the population understand that things are not as they should be. Pointing them towards the real reason why, and teaching them how they can improve themselves can set an important groundstone, and can potentially set the tone for a long way.

Men are practical by nature. If you educate just ten men in life on red pill concepts — which is an easy goal, you have successfully paid it forward. However, you should aim for much more. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little nutrition advice, politics, economics, women, or anything else. Just go out there and teach people who will listen to what you have to say. Just make sure you find the right targets, and you teach them things that will want to listen to.

Ultimately, this is not an entirely altruistic concept. Having more like-minded men in society makes it a better world for us all to live in. A strong Western society, or at least a strong, masculine Western counter-culture, ultimately benefits us all.

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