The Six Most Useful Self-Development Articles Men Don’t Want to Miss

Fuck yeah, self-development!

Western Mastery is designed to be a treasure chest of useful self-development information for men. Rather than focusing on game and women, like many Manosphere websites, the focus is on improving your masculinity, intelligence, and skill set. Game and women are certainly mentioned, but they are not the focus. There’s enough on that out there already.

I am linking you to the best content on this website that I have written in the last five months of its existence. Useful information is useful information. It doesn’t matter if it was written today, six months ago, six years ago, and so on. Read and enjoy.

1. Eight Fundamental Tips to Learn More Efficiently

Learn more about learning. If you know how to learn effectively, you will get better at everything you do. Knowing how to learn effectively also increases your productivity dramatically and obviously just leads to you being a smarter person. For these reasons, learning is the master skill.

You know what? I’ve written enough throughout this website to convince you to read this article. Just read the fucking article. If you don’t have time to read it all at once, bookmark it and finish it later. You’ll thank yourself one day.

2. Five Steps Towards Becoming a More Complete Man

If you’ve come to this blog a lot, you’ve probably read this one; I link to it all the time. This is because this post is that important for men who are just starting out or are somewhere in the process of maximizing their potential. This is a bread-and-butter article that is intended to get you off your ass and give you useful advice to enhancing your masculinity and lifestyle.

3. Cultural Marxism is the #1 Enemy of Western Civilization

This one is a longer read, but it is crucial to understand where Cultural Marxism came from, how it affects your life today, and how to counter it in your own life. You absolutely must understand Cultural Marxism to see the Western world for what it is.

4. Four Reasons You Must Be Unapologetically Sexist

Sexism is a word coined by feminists to shame men who encourage traditional gender roles. This attempt to flip society upside down has had catastrophic consequences. Do yourself and society a favor by becoming an unapologetic sexist.

5. Progress is Rarely Linear: Work Smarter, Not Just Harder

External progress is rarely linear. Understand that you do not always see immediate results for what you do. Although it is necessary to see progress in the medium to long run, you often must ignore external measurements and go into monk-like focus to set yourself up for long-term success.

6. There Are Benefits To Learning New Skills That You Haven’t Predicted

When you have a diverse skillset, you see advantages to learning skills that you never predicted. There is a lot of overlap between various disciplines and skills you may undertake. Many of these advantages are hard to predict before you start learning any new skill in question. This article goes into detail about how this occurs.