How innovation and leadership can conserve our natural heritage for future generations

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Horseshoe Bend

Analysis reveals current administration actions on public lands, energy, and climate are unpopular among persuadable Western voters

Winning the West website | poll | presentation

Oil and gas companies are paying bargain rates to acquire and sit on millions of acres

Visit the story map by clicking HERE

Grand Teton National Park: Tobiason, National Park Service

Despite rhetoric, recent rulings indicate that the Interior Department’s energy free-for-all is on the wrong side of the law

Permian Basin Oil Field in Eddy County, New Mexico | Blake Thornberry, Creative Commons

America’s national public lands deserve better than a walking conflict of interest

How the recently passed public lands legislation could signal a shift in conservation policy

Highlighting Overwhelming Public Support For National Monuments | Senator Heinrich Flickr

Candidates in 20 high profile Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and New Mexico races leveraged support for public lands to reach swing voters in the Mountain West

Western Priorities

The Center for Western Priorities promotes responsible policies and practices to protect the West

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