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Paris is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, fashion designers and luxury brands. It’s no surprise then that Paris attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world, and continues to do so despite France being on its highest ever security alert.

There’s no hiding from the fact that France is at war with ‘Islamic extremists’, with French Nationals travelling back from Iraq and Syria to wage war on the country’s streets. The moment you arrive at Paris CDG airport, you will see groups of heavily armed police and soldiers patrolling the terminal. Upon your arrival into Paris, you will see armed police and soldiers stationed at tourist attractions, government buildings and patrolling the streets.

Whilst in theory, you are probably safer now in Paris than ever before, the police and security services are at breaking point, and it’s not known how long this current ‘show-of-force’ can last. The police have taken their eyes off the ball with regards to general lower level street crime, they simply don’t have the manpower to cope. They’re concentrating on terrorist related crime, looking for that mysterious ‘lone wolf’ attacker, awaiting the unpredictable.

Therefore, street crime in Paris is rife and unsuspecting tourists are their main target. Pickpocket gangs and distraction thieves are using complicated, well-practised routines to easily relieve you of your money and possessions. Smart phones are the easy target, with gangs utilising scooters for a quick getaway.

Scams to be aware of

When using an ATM, a young child will distract you by pulling on your trouser leg. An accomplice adult on your other side will withdraw the highest amount of cash possible. If they can grab it and get away, they will. Or the ‘parent’ of the child will grab it as you’re distracted by the accomplice.
A ‘lost tourist’ will ask you for directions on their map, whilst you are concentrating on the map, the tourist will attempt to pick pocket you, using the map as cover. An accomplice may also target your bag or rucksack at the same time. If you are distracted by one, the other will pounce. If you are unlucky, both will be successful.
Someone asking you for the time, a cigarette or lighter — simply a way for them to get close and for your hands and eyes to be busy whilst they mug you. Usually operate in a gang of 3 to overwhelm their victims. The accidental spillage — a distraction thief will ‘accidentally on purpose’ spill water or ice cream on you. As they are busy apologising and wiping you down, they may also be robbing you with an accomplice riffling through your bags.

Personal Security Tips

  • Be wary of anyone in shops, cafes and bars carrying a coat over their arm, this is used to conceal their hands so they can dip into people’s pockets, bags and steal jackets off the back of chairs.
  • Do not use your smartphone in public.
  • Use ATM’s inside banks, keep your cash hidden.
  • Keep your wallet and valuables on your person.
  • Do not store anything in your jacket or back pockets.
  • Keep your bag in front of you at all times.
  • Do not give money to street beggars.
  • Do not play any street gambling games.

Westminster Security services in Paris

Westminster Security have vast experience operating around Europe, France and Paris in Particular. We provide premier security solutions to all our clients. This may include, but not limited too;

Security Advance Party — We will send a security team ahead of your arrival to book hotels, cars and restaurants. We can also arrange VIP arrival services at the airport, and even provide the cars! The security team will liaise with all the service providers to make sure your visit is smooth and efficient.

Security Chauffeurs — Along with providing luxury chauffeured vehicles of your choice, we can also provide local security trained chauffeurs who not only know the roads, hotels and restaurants inside out. But they are also security aware and able to react to any threats and risks posed to us whilst travelling.

Bodyguards — Whether you need just one bodyguard in Paris, male or female, or a full close protection team. Our experience and quality of service stands us head and shoulders above the rest.

Surveillance teams — Should the threat and risks be deemed high enough, we can also utilise a surveillance team to watch over us and into and around our immediate environment. They see the bigger picture, which may give us vital seconds to react in an emergency.

We can also provide tour guides, child minders, chefs and interpreters, almost anything you require, we can provide.

At Westminster Security, we only employ the highest trained former military and police close protection specialists who have vast experience in providing an exemplary service. All of our bodyguards in France are CNAPS registered and multi-lingual. We can provide both male and female bodyguards in Paris for your personal protection. We have operational experience in Reims, Paris, Lyon, Nice — Cannes and Monaco. If you would require close protection bodyguard services in Paris or France, please contact us for a free initial security consultation.

Contact Westminster Security today to enquire about our Close Protection services in Paris.

Call us on: +44 (0)208 123 3323 or +44 (0)755 4000 300

Or complete our enquiry form and one of our security consultants will get back to you.

Frequently asked questions

I am travelling to Paris on business and require a local chaperone who can drive me about, assist me and also provide personal security to me. Can you provide an English and French speaking bodyguard?

  • Yes, certainly. All of our bodyguards in Paris provide this service as standard, we will happily assist.

My family and I are travelling to Paris for our vacation from the US this summer, we are very disturbed by the recent terrorist attacks, so I am looking for a private security company to take care of us throughout.

  • Do not worry, we can make sure your holiday is smooth and safe. Our bodyguards in Paris can accompany you discretely providing complete all round personal protection at all times.

Do you have any Arabic speaking bodyguards in Paris to accompany my wife for a week of shopping and dining?

  • Yes we do! We have local Arabic speaking male and female bodyguards in Paris to protect and assist your wife during her visit. I assure you she is in safe hands. Please contact us to hire a bodyguard in Paris.

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Originally published at on March 2, 2015.

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