London Security Guards Maintain Safety in Luxurious Establishments

As one of the most popular fashion capitals of the world, London is home to several respected designer brands including Burberry, Mulberry, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and Paul Smith. With these powerhouse firms based in the heart of Great Britain, it does not come as a surprise that conglomerate Condé Nast wants to expand its magazine-inspired hospitality brands in the city, as reported by Matthew Chapman for Marketing Magazine:

Condé Nast could launch its GQ, Vogue and Tatler branded-restaurants and bars in London within a couple of years as it explores ways of extending its brands throughout the hospitality industry.
The Condé Nast International Restaurants division of the publishing company is already running five up-market restaurants and bars in Moscow, Dubai, and Kiev, but is about to extend the initiative into Bangkok and Kazakhstan.
Gary Robinson, director of restaurants at Condé Nast International Restaurants, said: “For me London is the ultimate goal, it is where we ought to be. And in the same vein we ought to be in Paris, Milan and New York. It is something we are working towards.”
Robinson hopes there could be a London launch “within the next couple of years” depending on Condé Nast finding the right licensing partner and location.

A lot of prominent personalities like Vogue’s Anna Wintour, as well as celebrities like Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe, frequently fly to London for exclusive events such as London Fashion Week and other gatherings, together with many local socialites. Such events are often held in iconic venues where professional London security guards are tasked to maintain safety and order.

Luxurious establishments like the planned Condé Nast restaurants fit the profile of places that important people would visit, and such locations would certainly need exceptional security in London provided by experienced firms such as Westminster Security. As the city continues to attract rich, famous, influential, and powerful individuals, many high-end locations would have to rely on these dependable security services to ensure that VIPs and other guests are sufficiently protected during social events.

Private security firms employ highly trained professionals who will constantly monitor the vicinity and adjacent sections of luxurious establishments. Moreover, they can sweep party venues in advance to ensure that there are no threats that could disrupt glamorous functions and gatherings. They act as a visual and physical deterrent to any undesirables, as well as providing a friendly front of house point of contact for VIP’s and customers.

Luxury restaurants and event venues alike, need to employ reliable security services. A lack of order and security might result in mishaps or bad publicity. Having a reputable private security firm as a partner would be beneficial in maintaining the peace and reputation of high-class establishment.

(Source: Condé Nast hopes to launch GQ, Vogue and Tatler-branded restaurants and bars in UK, Marketing Magazine, June 16, 2014)

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Originally published at on September 11, 2014.