Private Security in London to Police Protests

Private security companies in London could replace the role of the Met Police during protest marches in London, as protesters are told to hire private security for traffic control and event stewarding. We’ve all been inconvenienced by a protest at some point in our lives, and the cost to tax payers runs into the many thousands of pounds for each event. So should Britain now pay to protest?

London is a real hotbed for protests, not a week goes by without some group, country, religion or organisation protesting about something, that quite frankly has nothing to do with London, let alone Britain! So why should British tax payers be left standing with the bill? and why should local communities suffer when police resources are diverted to police the protest?

The Guardian Newspaper reports: “The right to stage demonstrations in Britain could be threatened following a demand that climate change protesters planning a march next month hire a private firm to oversee it — a role previously carried out by the police.
New, more restrictive, interpretations of traffic laws, coupled with constrained policing budgets, lie behind the Met’s decision. A large protest, which will block off roads, requires a temporary traffic regulation order to ensure public safety is maintained and congestion managed. However, Westminster council says it will issue an order only when the organisers of the march have produced a traffic management plan outlining who will steward the event and how”.

Surely if protesters are so passionate about their cause, a 50p or £1 donation per head to cover the cost of traffic marshals and event security guards, is not an unreasonable request. Private security companies in London, like Westminster Security, have plenty of experience in event security management, with many of their security guards having experience at the Olympics, Royal Wedding and Queens Golden Jubilee celebrations.

A Met spokeswoman said the police’s core responsibilities were “preventing and detecting crime, maintenance of the Queen’s Peace and protecting life and property”. She said that because the proposed demonstration, on 7 March, was expected to be crime-free there was little requirement for it to provide a policing operation.

Westminster Security have confirmed that if they where asked to police an event such as the Campaign Against Climate Change, they would liaise with the Met Police and Transport For London to develop an efficient traffic management system which would least impact road users and provide maximum security for both protesters and the public, providing physical and asset protection.

If you would like to enquire about private security in London, please visit our Event Security Page for further details. Or call Westminster Security on 0208 123 3323 or 0755 4000 300

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Originally published at on March 19, 2015.

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