Buy Atom From Exchanges, and Generate Staking Reward in the Wallet

Apr 24 · 4 min read

Start project Cosmos open transaction on April 23th. This means that coin holders can buy Atom with liquidity in the exchanges. There are Polonix, Kraken, Huobi, Okex, CoinOne, Gate and Bitmesh supporting Atom exchange right now.

Besides, buy Atom for investment, don’t forget the hottest topic” Staking Economy” now. Currently the annual return of Cosmos is 13% and it is still increasing.

Buy Atom From Exchanges, Generate Staking Reward in the Wallet

What wallet supports atom holders now?

  1. Official wallet Lunie (Support Desktop, English language)

2. Wetez wallet (Support IOS and Android, Chinese and English language)

Download Wetez in the App store and Google play

3. Cosmostation (Support IOS and Android, Korean and English language)

Download Cosmostation in the App store and Google play

4. imToken (The announcement is out but is not released yet)

PS: recommend to try Wetez wallet. We have supported the most mature PoS project “Tezos” for half a year. We know what users will encounter during staking.

After finding the suitable wallet tool, coin holders need to pick right validators for staking. In the above wallet introduction, they all support delegation to different validators.

This is some of our recommending list.

First, we want to introduce some small validators but with a high technology background. Such as Ztake, StakeWith.Us, POS Bakerz, Chainflow. If you are a true believer of decentralization. Delegate to them!!!

Other popular validators such as, Chorus One, Figment Networks, Forbole, Certus One,Spark Pool, Cryptium. Etc.

Of course, if you think Wetez has done a lot to the community, stake some atom to us^_^

In the below is the Wetez tutorial

  1. Import and Create

ICO fundraisers can import their Mnemonic into Wetez Wallet to delegate. The first picture is the way for old Wetez users to import. The second one is the way for new users.

Type in your 24 Mnemonic to import and keep it safe. If you are a new wallet user, strongly recommend that back up back up.

2. Delegate

Click the middle bottom for delegate. You will enter a validator market. Atom holders can delegate to any of their favorite validators.

Take Wetez as an example

Click Wetez, and it will jump to add bond page. Choose the amount you want to delegate.

Re-confirm the delegation info, and you can check your status of the delegation on chain right away.

3. Reward

Click the reward page and you can see the currently accumulated rewards.

Take Wetez as an example, if you enter the detailed page you can see that our fee is 10%(the left red box), total rewards (the right red box) and daily reward ( the bottom red box)

4. Withdraw and Bond

Atom rewards won’t have compounding interest automatically. It needs delegators to withdraw from the pool and then delegate again. The left is the withdraw page. The right is the combination of withdraw and re-delegate page (choose the right one, Wetez will help you to compound your Atom rewards.)

5. Unbond

When Atom holders want to have transactions in the crypto exchange, they need to unbond first. It takes about 21 days to unbond and atoms will be liquid again.

On the above is our mobile wallet tutorial. There is high inflation in the early period(Currently is 13%). Atom holders can delegate to earn rewards as soon as possible.

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