BLK SHP New Orleans: Gatekeeping, absurdity, and rhythm

It’s hard to enter into new worlds. Gatekeepers help us gain access to these other places and the new powers and privileges that come with them. Even in the most decentralized of networks there are always gatekeepers, folks who define the boundaries of yourself and your group. In large flocks of birds these are the birds on the edges of the group.

This may seem absurd to think that those on the fringes of a group are its leaders and contain power, but arguably this is the rhythm that innovation always falls in to. To innovate is not innovative. It is to fall into a natural response of a call from the extremes — a call from the gatekeeper.

We are caught in these rhythms of gradual listening to of those on the fringes. What they say we think doesn’t make sense. We consider it false as things always seem quite alright for sometime even when they are not. We live on a slow motion conveyer belt that takes us through the motions year after year. What we might ask ourselves what is it we believe can harness our energy to do something that others believe impossible.

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