Wfund Stories #17

Tech Open Air (TOA) Roundup

We couldn’t be happier with how our PSST… Pitch, Share, Survive and Thrive satellite event turned out 🎉 We’d like to thank all of those that attended, the ladies that came and pitched for us and to our amazing guest speakers - without all of you it wouldn’t have been such a success, so thank you!

It’s been an interesting week, with things kicking off at the main TOA event on Tuesday and Wednesday, and our Partnership Manager, Martina, was able to go and watch some of the discussions happening in Berlin. The main conferences were focused on subjects such as Tech, AI, Art and Music just to name a few and a couple of highlights for her were (as described on the TOA website):

  • “Boost Your Business with Facebook - Powered by Facebook
    Learn how to use Facebook to connect your business with new customers, grow awareness of your brand, drive new sales and discover tips and inspiration that will help your business flourish”. 
    This involved discussions around the evolution of communication and how in the future, rather than sending a postcard or pictures of your travels to loved ones, you’ll be able to use Virtual Reality to fully immerse those at home in what you’re up to.
  • “The Union Between Our Species And Technology
    Moon Ribas is a cyborg artist and co-founded the Cyborg Foundation. Moon has a sensory extension on her arm that allows her to feel earthquakes through small vibrations. She applies this new sense to her artistic work. How will the union between our species, technology and the extension of the human senses through cybernetics impact our future?”.
    Moon explained how we shouldn’t be afraid of using cyborgs in our lives, and how they can help you to connect with nature and art (through her implant as an example).

However, Thursday was THE day! Our rooftop event was (probably) the place to be in Berlin as we welcomed influential speakers and eager attendees through Hotel AMANO’s doors. So, here’s a roundup of our special night for you to either relive the evening again, or see what you missed out on!

The night got rolling with one of our team members, Zaisha, who introduced the speakers and gave a bit of information on what the night would entail.

Zaisha Smith

Then Petra Koncelikova opened up with an overview of Wfund: what it is we do and how we’re helping women entrepreneurs in Europe. She then explained in detail what we (and other investors) are looking for when receiving a pitch deck and gave some good tips and pointers for all of the budding female entrepreneurs in the audience.

Petra Koncelikova

Then it was time for our lovely moderator, Jenny Jung (EyeEm) who got the discussion on pitching started with our panel speakers: Paulina Walkowiak (, Mai Goth (MealSaver/ResQ), Christophe Maire (Atlantic Labs) and Petra (Wfund). Jenny asked some really interesting questions and brought up some thought-proving topics that our panellists were able to answer with different opinions and experiences depending on their role, background or current stages of career. The audience were also able to ask questions and get valuable feedback from the panel.

L-R: Jenny Jung, Christophe Maire, Paulina Walkowiak, Mai Goth and Petra Konkelicova.

Next up we had an exciting pitching round! This was a great opportunity for the ladies to pitch their ideas to our judges (Christophe, Petra and Mai) who were able to give each lady very insightful, individual feedback and useful tips for them to take on board for future pitches. We had 4 pre-organised pitches from:

  • Femna - Natural products for each stage of a woman’s life
  • Re2you - A cloud browser technology and platform that enables data movement across all devices
  • Zuper - Money management made smarter, easier and more fun
  • TechSpaghetti - Creative learning app for kids

And two ‘Wildcard Slots’ which we opened up and chose randomly on the night from:

Cadouu - Coordinating groups for better gifting

Joinmamas (website not in English) - Connecting mums with similar interests living in the same area

Clockwise from top left: Techspaghetti, Re2you, Femna, Zuper, Joinmamas and Cadouu.

There were also some investors in the audience so this was a great opportunity for the ladies to showcase their product (and hopefully interest those investors in attendance!). They all did such a good job and we wish them all the best for the future. We are of course, as a venture capital for women, always interested in hearing pitches so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us about that! Write to:

For those of you that weren’t able to make it along, we’ll definitely be doing similar events in the future so make sure you stay tuned on our socials for any updates. Here’s our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Thank you to everybody for all of the love and support and again, to all those that came along and pitched for us and those that joined as speakers - we really appreciate it and see you next time ❤️