Visual marketing trends that will dominate 2016

2015 was a rich year for content marketing, as 2016 comes in it’s time we re-think which markets will still be around., Visual marketing is going to dominate when we look back 5–10years from now the way we look at marketing, we will recognize were the visual age begins. but 2016., Has potential to revolutionize our marketing and social media, habits from blogging, to images, to infographic images.

By the year 2019 it is predicted that 80 percent of all marketing traffic will be videos, that figure will be higher the 64 percent from 2014, and a significant amount of that will grow in 2016. It has all ready begin with Blab, YouTube which ranks more then 4 billion views per day with personal videos and more and more, keep growing every day.

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Visual marketing is the wave of the future, it is more personable, trust worthy to build and brand our business it also gives us that authority when we are face to face with others, Branded videos will become the life blood of marketeers, Branded videos means a video published under a brand to engage people, provide value and present a call to action.

Videos on Home pages and product pages

In 2016 you will start seeing more videos on home pages as more marketers will find ways to integrate there videos to represent there brands and make there pages less static and more immersive, there 2 places that videos will show up.

  • Home pages, I suppose you could argue that your website home page is the mot important piece of your real-estate most website designs today have the option for short videos used for backgrounds to enhance the look of how you brand your product or service,
  • Product pages, On-site videos used on product pages can be a very powerful tool short videos about your product or service, it can also guild your customers thru sales and conversions.

You will also see videos on about “Us Pages”, Texture content won’t disappear but expect to see more videos in the coming months of 2016.

Tell me what you will be doing for visual marketing in 2016 leave a comment, We love comments.

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Originally published at on December 31, 2015.

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