It has been a while since I wrote my last article. I didn’t feel inspired and thanks to 280 chars on Twitter now (compared to 140 when I started with articles) I can pretty much get my message across in tweetstorms.
This is not one of my regular articles, it’s not…

As most of you know last week the Satoshi Roundtable took place. This is not a secret meeting of any sorts, it is however a private invite-only conference. There is a lot confusion about what this exactly means. I know that in the Bitcoin community there is a large conspiracy…

I know it’s early for a “final thoughts” post but considering that I’m travelling the next week I wanted to do this now. This was initially a tweet storm that got a bit too long so I decided to write it down in a short article.

I do expect some…

The day before yesterday while checking Twitter in bed like any normal person in crypto, I read the following tweet from Zooko:

I disagree with that statement, sadly they do. I was already thinking about writing something about this, so thanks Zooko for giving me the motivation and inspiration. …

Bitcoin has Segwit now! Woohoo! Whether you believe this is thanks to UASF (it is) or because of some closed, backdoor meeting with 12 participants (which ended up with 50 who subsequently signed after being led to assume there was wider support) doesn’t really matter now, we have Segwit, awesome!

I’m keeping this short and gif-free (sorry), to not dilute the message.

September 2013:

Amir Taaki’s “The Libbitcoin Manifesto” was published. It is interesting and very relevant:

May-July 2017:

After a year of blocking Segwit for no technical reason, spreading lies/fud and all kinds of other attacks on Bitcoin… After BitcoinXT, Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin…

I was wrong about Ethereum because it’s such a good store of value… no wait, let me try again.

I was wrong about Ethereum because it’s such a decentra… nope.
I was wrong about Ethereum because everyone is using it as a supercomputer… No.

I do admit I didn’t see this Ethereum bubble coming

But, then again I wrongly assumed that no startup would need or even dare to ask $50 million in funding. I also wrongly assumed that…

This was my first conference, in fact I have never even been to a Bitcoin meetup before Consensus 2017. A lot of people contacted me, asking if I was going, so I decided to finally risk getting doxed and just go. No regrets.

I was a bit paranoid though, so…

(I hope some people get the reference to which the title refers to)

Rumors started a few months ago: Craig Steven Wright (CSW) was planning a comeback. The rumors became louder and started coming from multiple sources after the Satoshi Roundtable of this year.

Then the 12th of April came…

*edit* I changed the title from Verified to Time stamped, what I obviously meant was that the timestamp of back in December 2016 was verified. *edit*

I won’t write a full article, will just let the chatlogs speak for itself.

The following Bitcoin blockchain time stamped chatlog is between Chinese miners and a Litecoin developer discussing activating Segwit on Litecoin.

These are chatlogs from November/December 2016, we know that now they are signaling Segwit on Litecoin but for some reason still oppose it on Bitcoin.


  • Jihan: Antpool (LTC+BTC mining pool) + Bitmain (mining equipment for LTC and BTC)
  • Jiang:, LTC1BTC and (LTC + BTC mining pools)
  • Xinxi: LTC developer


Crypto OG. Talks about Bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrencies.

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