It has been a while since I wrote my last article. I didn’t feel inspired and thanks to 280 chars on Twitter now (compared to 140 when I started with articles) I can pretty much get my message across in tweetstorms.
This is not one of my regular articles, it’s not related to Bitcoin at all but something quite personal. If you don’t want to read that, feel free to close this article.

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I’ve been called many things over the past couple of years on Twitter. I don’t mind, I get it: I’m telling something about your financial investment which you often don’t want to hear. I went from interacting with the comments to muting to blocking. It’s annoying when you see someone else react to a muted person, blocking is easier and then I don’t waste my time reading things I don’t want to read. …

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As most of you know last week the Satoshi Roundtable took place. This is not a secret meeting of any sorts, it is however a private invite-only conference. There is a lot confusion about what this exactly means. …

I know it’s early for a “final thoughts” post but considering that I’m travelling the next week I wanted to do this now. This was initially a tweet storm that got a bit too long so I decided to write it down in a short article.

I do expect some things to still change between the time that this article is posted and the actual fork date. I expect some more companies to back out, Bitso for example realized that there is no community behind 2X and that it’s not an “upgrade” but rather a split.

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1) Financial incentives.

Core devs own Bitcoin and most are working for free on this great open source project. Which means that their financial incentive is doing what’s best for Bitcoin in the long run.
The CEO’s of the NYA companies all pivoted away from Bitcoin. Jihan created and supports BCash, Roger Ver claims that BCash is Bitcoin,… Brian from Coinbase has claimed multiple times that he thinks that Ethereum is superior to Bitcoin. Jeff Garzik launched his own ICO to solve “developer drama and forks”, Bitcoin problems that he himself created.
None of them want to put their money where their mouth is. …



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