Crypto Twitter’s hateful underbelly and SJWs

It has been a while since I wrote my last article. I didn’t feel inspired and thanks to 280 chars on Twitter now (compared to 140 when I started with articles) I can pretty much get my message across in tweetstorms.
This is not one of my regular articles, it’s not related to Bitcoin at all but something quite personal. If you don’t want to read that, feel free to close this article.

I’ve been called many things over the past couple of years on Twitter. I don’t mind, I get it: I’m telling something about your financial investment which you often don’t want to hear. I went from interacting with the comments to muting to blocking. It’s annoying when you see someone else react to a muted person, blocking is easier and then I don’t waste my time reading things I don’t want to read. (echo chambers can be nice and cozy)

I’ve received 3 death threats, I’ve received multiple hack threats and seen multiple failed hack attempts. I’ve been called a pedophile by one of Roger Ver’s puppets because of the Magical Crypto Friends intro which really bothered me since I have 2 children of my own… but it was just one of his minions so I just ignored it.

Emin’s Toxicity

One of the more “interesting” events was when Emin Gün Sirer contacted all the senior devs on a project I was helping out and told them I was “the most toxic person in crypto” and he tried to get me fired. They just laughed and that was it. Also since I wasn’t an employee there wasn’t much firing to be done anyway. Later I found out that he tried to do the same thing to at least 2 other people that I’m aware of. I was disappointed that I was clearly not toxic enough since he called other people “the most toxic person” as well. Why did he call me toxic? Because I didn’t agree with the ETH bailout and because I called out his lies and proved him wrong on multiple occasions.

Who’s Emin you might think. He likes to compare himself to Satoshi.

He is/was an associate professor at Cornell, trying to his ‘status’ as “academic” to shill ICOs and is probably most famous for telling everyone to sell their Bitcoin at ~$200.

The ETHBerlin incident

ETHBerlin was an Ethereum hackaton (7–9 of September). During the first day of the event there was a show of which I saw a video and I posted this:

This was an objective observation with no further commentary. I didn’t really pay much attention to the tweet/replies or ETHBerlin since it didn’t seem all that relevant until a few days later when suddenly I got notifications about this tweet:

I’ve been trolled and called shitty things before but this one really jumped out. Obviously I’ve heard about SJWs before, before I just never had the privilege of interacting with one. The statement was baseless but really rubbed me the wrong way. “I’m genuinely concerned about him being a threat to minorities”. What kind of mental gymnastics did she do to come up with that? I’m a public person and there are plenty of impressionable mentally unstable people out there that could use this as an excuse to attack me or my family.
These SJWs make baseless lies without looking at the impact it could have on someone. Imagine having a client or looking for a job and your client/employer finds a tweet like that about you.

Turns out she was the organizer of ETHBerlin! Someone who keeps preaching about diversity and inclusivity yet spreads intolerance andall these hateful lies about me. Maybe it’s the bear market?
When I tweeted about it I got a lot of support, obviously because I didn’t do anything and because I’m not those things that she claims. Then she shifted the goalpost.

So now she can understand the tone (??!) of my tweets and I’m also responsible for all the comments on my tweets.

Then she shifted the goalpost again, like bigots tend to do.

Now here she’s referring to an article I wrote over 2 years ago “Ethereum: Chain of liars & thieves” in which I highlight the fact that certain Ethereum devs were working together with the Robin Hood Group, that drained the DAO. The RHG then took the ETC, which was not theirs to take, so effectively stole it (making them thieves) and tried to market dump it on several exchanges. These are all facts which you can easily check because it’s registered on the blockchain. The article is no longer relevant because it was so long ago but she just dragged it in the conversation as a silly attempt to try to gain sympathy.

That’s all I have to say about her, I probably already gave her too much attention as of now but this personal attack really rubbed me the wrong way (maybe it’s the lack of sleep thanks to the baby).

The broader community

This was just 1 person but it highlights a problem that seems to be coming into Crypto. Some more people, including Emin’s protégé and Ethereum devs chimed in.

That doesn’t sound very open-minded and inclusive at all. Up to that moment I had a certain level of respect for Vlad, that went away after Maria Paul called me a homophoob and Vlad liked that tweet.

The bigger picture

Lots of people told me to ignore it, I think that if it would have happened to a friend that I would also tell my friends to ignore it. Maybe it’s my protective instinct kicking in, maybe it’s my lack of sleep (since we just had our 2nd baby) but I feel that this kind of injustice and hate will only keep growing and needs to be addressed. I can protect myself, I try to protect my family, I don’t rely on clients or an employer that could read these kind of lies to provide for my family.
I have a lot of followers, I have a lot of friends in this space and a solid reputation so for me it would be easy to just shrug this off. But I decided not to do that this time (damn hormones/emotions).

Crypto (Twitter) is amazing because you can interact with random people from all over the world with different backgrounds, beliefs, sexual preference,… all without even knowing their real name. I judge people by their ideas and their actions and if I don’t agree with them, I will make that very clear.

We already have some many frauds and scammers in this space, the last thing we really need is more SJWs.

Disclaimer: I’m a rich white male in my 30’s who’s happily married and has 2 beautiful babies. I’m sorry for oppressing you.