Quick recap of the last 2 days in the Etherea universes


  1. Poloniex: obviously supporting it, they were first
  2. Bittrex: activated the market on Tuesday the 26th
  3. Shapeshift: added support on Tuesday the 26th
  4. Yunbi: Biggest Chinese exchange to start supporting it Wednesday the 27th
  5. Bitfinex: Will start supporting it Wednesday the 27th
  6. Kraken: launched their ETC markets earlier today

But what about Coinbase/GDAX? You know.. the exchange that has been pushing Ethereum in press releases and blog posts?

It takes other exchanges 1–2 days, it takes GDAX “a few weeks”, yep that’s about the professionalism you can expect from them.

So they will allow you to withdraw them, but there will be no ETC trading on GDAX or Coinbase.

But wait there is more, Charlie Lee said the following:

In the way that he phrases it “enough ETC to cover everyone”, you only need to cover something after something went wrong right? So, this is pure speculation, but sounds like they either got replay attacked or they screwed up. Maybe they even had to go buy ETC to “cover everyone” on Poloniex? How funny would that be.

There was also this interesting tweet-chain by Andrew DeSantis.

Ethereum foundation

Skype chat logs have been leaked from the Ethereum Foundation chat where it was clear that noone expected Ethereum Classic to be a thing. They were joking about it and some Ethereum developers apparently already dumped their coins.

The full chat logs you can read here.

Vitalik Buterin made a statement yesterday on Reddit in regards of this whole situation.
 “ First of all, though we can see that the price of ETH + ETC has been remarkably stable around $14.3 for the past 2.5 days, despite great volatility in each component.”

There were no comments about what he’s going to do with the Ethereum foundation’s Ethereum Classic or his personal stash. Probably some sound financial planning comes into play.

If we’re talking about Ethereum Foundation’s professionalism, it’s always fun to read back the old exchange logs. Thanks Philip G. Potter.

The claims that Ethereum Classic is a false flag attack by Bitcoiners has also been disproven.

Ethereum foundation tried to downplay/kill Ethereum Classic to exchanges

This is what bothered me the most. Poloniex, who deserve a lot of credit for how they handled the entire situation, released a PR statement yesterday.

The most interesting part:

So the foundation basically said: don’t worry about it, the community (of which a tiny percentage voted) will have not interested in the (real) unforked chain.

credit to Elaine Ou

Poloniex did the right thing, however noone seems to be calling out the Ethereum foundation members on this huge mess (combined with the leaked chatlogs).