Roger Ver: From Bitcoin Jesus to Bitcoin Antichrist

Roger Ver, the delusional guy that lies more in a single day than Mark Karpeles did in his entire life, is at it again.


Most of my dear readers have probably heard about Roger Ver, otherwise you wouldn’t read this article, but maybe not everyone knows the full story. Roger was born in the US, moved in 2005 to Japan, bought a St Kitts and Nevis passport and renounced his US citizenship in 2014.

The Blocksize Debate:

I know that this is a boring topic and it has all been discussed a million times and a million times Ver has been proved wrong but I’ll give you the tldr;.

Bitcoin XT? Bitcoin Classic? Bitcoin Unlimited!?

  1. Jeff Garzik: founder of bloq which is focussed on private blockchains
  2. Ver invested in it
  3. Coinbase: burning through VC money and desperately needing an excuse as to why they’re not growing fast enough
  4. Bitmain: closely working with Ver for a while
  5. Viabtc = Bitmain
And that’s the kind of incompetence you support if you follow Roger Ver’s advice

“Censorship! My kingdom for less Censorship!”

This is another favorite subject of the little Roger who cried wolf. He complains that there is (too much) censorship on /r/bitcoin. This started after Bitcoin XT was launched. He blames Bitcoin Core for supporting it and being against free speech. Bitcoin core obviously has nothing to do with it, it consists of 60+ developers of which there are 8–10 that are doing most of the work. They are focused on developing and are way more active on the public Bitcoin mailing list than on Reddit, as they should be… since they are developers and not community managers or PR people.

The Chinese (mining) connection

In the beginning of this year we had the Hong Kong meetup and agreement. A couple of Bitcoin Core devs had a meetup with a couple of Chinese miners to discuss scaling. This was heavily criticized by Roger Ver, /r/btc and other Bitcoin Classic supporters. Since they felt left out, even though they were being invited. The propaganda machine

Roger Ver owns, it’s that simple. Be very critical of any news related articles on that website. Some of them are decent, others are just pure propaganda for Bitcoin Unlimited/blocksize increase and some are just PR pieces for one of the many companies Roger invested in.

Roger Ver and the Alts

This is a fun one. Because Bitcoin was so popular that no one was using it anymore and everyone was running to alts as Roger mentioned, he was pushing his belieVers to some altcoins including Ethereum and Monero.

Roger Ver: General ignorance vs blatant lies


A couple of months ago I was talking with a Bitcoin developer, he claimed that he had a source close to Ver that said he was starting to lose it. His recent actions are just more proof of that. The lies, the bribing.. He is like a cornered animal, but one with a lot of money.

Crypto OG. Talks about Bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto OG. Talks about Bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrencies.