EtherGem — the Better Ethereum

The microcap to elevate your portfolio

EtherGem is in the process of a pump during the recent market dip and the reasoning is clear to those who have been involved with the coin but this under the radar microcap has been a well hidden gem up until now. First let’s look at this chart and some speculation on what it means, then we will explain why it is happening NOW. Continue down below for some fundamentals on the coin and team.

The fib resistance and OB(4h)(Order Block) were proving to be very good resistance zone. We were rejected here with volatility twice. The more reactive the resistance is when price approaches it, the stronger it is. Below it was the accumulation zone.

The resistance broke and as expected it broke with high volatility. The price reached the previous highs but still retested the previous resistance now turned support and went for another swing forming a lower high. It was time to sell.

New Order Block(15m) is formed which should act as support. It also aligns with the previous resistance turned support hence making it more durable. making it a perfect buy back.

The same coin trader posted this right after documenting what happened:

I will leave it up to you to decide what those trading charts mean, but let’s look at why…

Fundamentals and Intrinsic Value with a Solid Team

We’ve all heard it before, “solid team” , “undervalued” , “original tech” , “blah blah blah…” but before you write off EGEM as the shill of the month lets qualify these statements.

Is there a solid team in EGEM?

Team EGEM was originally apart of another coin and the core dev left the original discord and decided to take that coin in a different direction. I would like to note during the time that team EGEM was doing dev work and promoting the coin it went from $0.20 to $4 in the most recent bull run. With this information in mind a lot of community members approached team EGEM and wanted the work they were doing to continue. Team EGEM accepted and a new coin was launched called EtherGem. This stable foundation started as an Ethereum clone with a difficulty adjustment designed to keep a fast 13s block time. The launch was in March and came out of the gate with 1 Terrahash of supporting miners — unheard of for a new launch coin. Within the first month of launching, EGEM was added to bitshares and Graviex exchange. This also correlated with the start of the big bear market. During this timeframe, an original desktop wallet was being designed to serve as a foundation to future development. These enhancements, as you shall soon see, are designed to take EGEM on it’s own original path separating it from the other ETH clones you might be familiar with.

A supportive community and network

The EGEM community is second to none. I would like for anyone to jump into another community and see how active the staff for that coin are. The dev team are constantly chatting with members and working to implement interactions with the community. This leads us into custom discord bots and games. Team EGEM helped create fun interactions for the community to earn EGEM by playing bot games. From here, we, the community asked for a way we could stake coins… something similar to master nodes. Team Egem listened to the community and created the first of its kind, a Master Node system that runs through discord. This system is referred to as Quarry nodes and will be a critical foundation for the future development on EtherGem. How do the masternode rewards get paid? Funny you should ask — the dev team pays them out of their dev fee until the upcoming subchain takes over. This is unheard of in the crypto world: Devs paying their fees back to the community.

Original Tech in an Integrated Subchain

So, just what is this original technology coming to EGEM? Team EGEM has been building an integrated subchain since before it even launched. This integrated subchain adds a plethora of features to the EGEM platform that are based on a working industry implementation of a blockchain like product deployed to the US federal government. During the development of the subchain, Team EGEM was also able to include a DEX(decentralized exchange) to be added into the subchain.

Wait a minute — what? Are we talking about a research project?

Nope. The Team EGEM core developers are real people. At a meetup of the core devs recently, a picture of which has been posted on the team discord, the devs were told by a banker (not in the picture) that EGEM is unique because “you can go to lunch with this dev team.” More about the banker in a minute, for now Team EGEM experience. Members of Team EGEM have experience in real world large scale industries like crypto (Riddles on multiple coin teams), Government (osoese with a large implementation of an asset tracking system that catalogues assets, locations, maintenance and shipping histories on a blockchain like structure using mobiles without a data connection), Jal3inc (who works in the manufacturing industry maintaining servers and software for a company used in housing and business coast to coast), two community managers with experience running data centers and oil shipments (yeah tankers of oil and chemicals) and a team of community devs in finance, tech giants, healthcare, academic instruction and many other areas — even chicken farming. So, no we are not talking about a research project — Team EGEM has built large systems successfully in many areas. So,this subchain? You would think it’s far off in the distance, but it is already working in the EGEM labs. It complements the EGEM chain, supports the coin growth, and has a DEX built in for initial use on multiple currencies.

Ease of Use?

Well one of the things you will repeatedly hear from the team EGEM is ease of use in crypto. There is the super API explorer that is being released by Jal3inc which brings all types of functionality to EGEM and Sapphire chains (like what etherscann does for ETH but on steroids). But, wait, you can actually hear this from the devs themselves. Here is a link to the podcast where they explain EGEM to Coach Cryptos:

Banks and ATM? So what can an EGEM hodler do with that DEX?

Well, fiat to crypto is one solution when talking in terms of EGEM. EtherGem has a deal with a registered financial services company to begin a fiat to crypto interface that users can rely on. Gone are the days when you contact an exchange and sit on the back burner. This company is registered, with a securities license and the execs have real world banking experience at top 10 banks. They will open this interface with a public launch party revealing the bankers behind the interface in the coming weeks. You will be able to send money inbound for FIAT through EGEM and its DEX using the EGEM coin called Sapphire very soon.

But, wait? there’s more?

That is right. The same financial services relationship brought a private equity fund to the table to implement EGEM automated teller machines (ATMs) around the world starting in 2019. That ATM deal is still being inked as this is going to press, but the most recent talks gave a green light to the initiative and are having it ride on top of the financial services platform already being deployed. If you need more cash than an ATM typically has, you can get a wire transfer or an ACH with the balance within 24 hours. Holy crap cash it in now — collect your $300 or so from the ATM and get the balance in your bank or at a financial services pickup location (usually collocated with the ATM) when needed.


The bottom line is there are a lot of reasons to get into EtherGem (EGEM) right now and not the least of them is whats coming out on the Sapphire integrated subchain. Get over to and find your way to the discord channel for regular updates on the team. Every EGEM hodler will be getting 2 SPHR for each EGEM in their wallet on launch. Keep in mind the ticker may change for Sapphire but the value of the coin and dex will remain. Maybe get yourself a quarry node (or a 2nd that pays more) and get that sapphire airdrop automatically. Then use the Opal wallet with the integrated subchain and DEX. As the volume leader in trades on graviex the last couple days, when this is going to press, the fourth or fifth time the coin has been announced in the top three volume coins, EGEM has nothing but blue skies ahead.

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