Goodbye 2015. As we get closer to the new year I see a lot of posts on social networks with people’s New Years resolutions and goals for 2016. In contrast i also see a ton of negative remarks such as “the new year is not a reset button” or the infamous “new year, new me” bashers and I thought to myself.. What’s so wrong about people wanting to set new goals and expectations for how a person wants their new year to begin? Why is it a problem for someone to believe that a new year is actually a fresh start. So much happens in a year for a person. From success to failures and the different obstacles and hurdles we all undergo that a new year is exactly what some of us need to get back on track. Everyone is always preaching about being so positive and so understanding why is it so hard to support those that want to learn from the mistakes they made this year to make the following year fruitful? If you want to make a bucket list full of things to do differently, do that. If you use the new year as a time to change who you are into a better person, do that. Don’t conform and fall into the trap that you’re supposed to stay the same because your “friends” on social media don’t approve of your transition. Don’t be put into a box that stunts your growth and holds you back. Utilize the new year to learn more, explore and to change. Accept who you were this year and embrace who you hope to become next year!