The Need for Technology in Classrooms

Schools know why they do what they do. The Directors, HODs and the Principals know why they do what they do. It’s the teachers and students who need inspiration and leadership. Why integrate technology in classrooms and schools? Why is it essential? These are relevant questions a lot of Indian schools fail to ask themselves before they decide on purchasing and integrating technology in classrooms.

We all know the story about the first controlled flight. The Wright brothers inventing the first controlled flying plane is not quite a complete picture. Nobody talks about all the others who were trying to do the same. Designing the first controlled plane wasn’t just a project the Wright brothers had taken up. It was a game-changing idea and everybody at that time wanted to do it. But what is it that made the difference? Why couldn’t Samuel Pierpont Langley achieve this before the Wright Brothers did? After all, he was the one with the right education and financial backing at that time. The Wright Brothers were just self-taught engineers from the suburbs. The difference is that they knew why they were doing it. They believed that controlled flight was possible and did all that they could to build one.
As an institution, you have to make sure that technology isn’t just a tool to maintain the status quo. But a tool to enhance your force of teachers and students. To take your enthusiasm in educational technology and turn it into results for your teachers and students is the true goal. You begin with

Why do I want my teachers and staff to learn this technology?

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