Now first and full most if you don’t understand the title then you have seriously missed out, and I suggest checking out either the # itself, or the journalism week account on Twitter.

Anyway, onto this weeks topic, where our class has been asked to produce a review/summary on one or all of the journalism talks we attended this week. However I have found it particularity challenging to try and produce a full review on the talks and are instead going to revise the bite sizes of information that I found the most important or most inspiring.

My participation in journalism week started rather late on, attending my first talk on Thursday afternoon, excitingly titled: Fucking It Up & and Other Stories, by Hollie Brooks.

Photo courtesy of: Jon Uddin

Now unfortunately I didn’t find the talk quite as exciting as I was expecting; I am not sure if this was down to the actual content and delivery of the talk or the fact this was my first experience of such a thing and I had yet to adequately adjust however we had a good laugh along the way, exploring many memes and seeing Hollie’s bubbly personality. Furthermore it was within this talk that I received my most inspiring message of the week, that I felt could be applied well to both day to day life, university and work, a message that I then tried to sum up with just 140 characters, and the result can be seen below:

Then approximately 1 hour 15 after beginning my Journalism Week experience I was engaged in my second talk from: Gerard Tubb an investigative reporter from Sky News, who shared with us a few insights into his hectic investigations, such as uncovering issues within Schools of the Muslim community to rushing around on a Boxing day to report on flash floods. Not to mention giving us a political lesson along the way but that story can be saved for another time. If I was to pick one thing of importance from Gerards’s speech it would to keep questioning your self and your work, perhaps surmised in more appropriate terms in the following tweet by Olivia Temple:

My final talk of the week came from a man I was already very family with, The Yorkshire Evening Post’s chief football writer, Phil Hay. Now I was very excited for this talk, aswell as little tired and distracted by the big upcoming match this weekend against Newcastle United, however I felt Phil was very engaging in the way he spoke, and it was his delivery was what stuck with me more from the talk than his actual words, he seemed to carry a style that suggested even if you were not a fan of what he was talking about you would still sit up and take notice and you just wanted to know what he was going to talk about next. A style which I would hope to replicate should I ever be in the position to do something similar.

Overall despite not originally sounding like my cup of tea, Journalism week did provide me with an insight into the professional world and some inspiration to carry out my work to the highest level for the rest of the academic year, if not at least this term…