5 Animals That Grow Way Too Big For This World

1. Chinese giant salamander

This lizard can grow to 6 feet in length. Completely blind and the largest amphibian in the world. You can find them in streams and lakes in China.

2. Saltwater crocodile

This is the largest crocodile that was ever captured, it’s over 21 feet long. It was captured alive after a three-week hunt.

3. Coconut crabs

These often mistaken to a Camel spider, and they are not delicious as they sound, can be found in parts of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific as well.

4. Japanese spider crab

These crabs can weigh up to 41 lbs and do some serious damage.

5. Cane toad

Originally found in South and Central America, these toads are terrible for Australia’s wildlife, it has only a few predators because of its extremely toxic skin.

Source: theawesomedaily.com

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