Dear Tinder Girl,

Its nice to meet you virtually. I have swiped past many pictures of inspirational sayings, beaches, dogs and toddlers to finally find you, and I think this could be the start of something special. All of your pictures are group shots (some of them with sunglasses) but I’m pretty sure I know which one is you and I think you are gorgeous. It was very creative of you to choose some blurry pictures too just to keep the mystery alive.

I just know we are going to get along. I see that you went tandem skydiving that one time, so I now know that you are adventurous and a risk taker, and the picture of you shooting a handgun in the desert made my swoon. I might have been a little worried that you were too good to be true, but the photo of you with you ex eased that concern and showed me that you are truly “dateable”.

I sure hope that we get matched up, cuz I read your description and just like you, I’m not looking for hookups, nor anything serious. I’m just checking this Tinder thing out and hoping to find that special someone and just be friends.

I look forward to sending you a few unanswered introduction one liners if we get matched up, but if not, I’ll be sure to follow you on Instagram.

Yours truly,

Tinder Guy

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