Why B2B Companies Fail at Social Media and Content Marketing

Many B2B companies fail when it comes to social media and content marketing. They consistently make choices that do not fit the needs of the markets in which they are operating. Here are some reasons concerning their failures.

1. They lack the right strategy

The strategy of many B2B companies include some social media efforts, using an outside professional marketer to write their content and generate traffic through external sources. However there is some thinking to be done concerning strategy.

  • The available resources need to be determined.
  • All the marketing efforts have to be aligned with a common message and purpose.
  • Key components on measurement of the campaign need to be determined.

Bottom line — B2B companies need a coherent and solid strategy!

2. Not consistent

Companies are not consistent in the channels they chose to pursue their audiences.The channels they chose to advertise contributes to their corporate image. These companies, in order to be effective need to influence different key players inside organizations. These decisions are the result of many marketing efforts towards the key players. Therefore it is really important to have consistency in marketing strategy. Marketing plans should overlap and should add to each other. To deliver consistency companies should design systems that monitor and analyze marketing strategies.

3. Not Incorrect Choice of Platform

To begin with, some social media platforms have a large base of users but that does not mean they are the right to use as a marketing channel for promotion. B2B relies more on informative efforts rather than emotional persuasions. People that are interested in these kind of services are more interested in information that is very specific and technical. They want to understand the value that the product provides. Therefore the choice of platforms is a matter of importance.

4. Not Misconception Between Marketing and Sales

B2B organizations need to understand that there is a huge misconception between marketing and sales. Marketing efforts need time to be converted into sales. In B2B market the sales cycles are long and evaluation periods extend one month. Therefore building trust and helpful relationships is very important. Marketing efforts in various channels should match the needs of the sales department for the particular period. The efforts of the marketing departments should be aligned to derive the best results.

So why do they fail?

Most of the companies fail due to their lack of strategy or inconsistent strategic choices. They incorrectly choose a platform which does not serve their business needs and they aim to close a sale without a proper marketing synchronization. The efforts and marketing choices are not aligned towards a common and consistent goal. B2B organization need to chose consistent marketing channels and platform and have a better synchronization of sales and marketing department.