Do you have the 7 strengths that will help you cope with country relocation successfully?

Athina Tsipoura
Jul 1, 2016 · 3 min read

Having relocated country several times in my life, starting from scratch and writing new chapters in my personal and professional life story I strongly believe that I have finally acquired the 7 strengths that I wish I had from day one!

So, here are my 7 life coping strengths that will help you when relocating to a new country:

Number one: PATIENCE

Give it time. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust and always remember that there will be a day when you will feel super happy again. The French say “après la deluge il fait beau” which means, after the storm the weather is sunny and calm again. Stop fighting it and allow yourself time to adjust.

Number two: CURIOSITY

Stay curious and stop judging. Be interested and open in everything about the new place and the people you meet. It is all about learning, learning about the country, the structure, the social rules, the etiquette, the people around you. Life is a journey and by being curious you will learn more about yourself and how to expand your personal boundaries. Stop comparing your previous life to your new life and instead try and see how you can learn and improve your present moment. This attitude will help you integrate and adjust without damaging your core self.

Number three: CENTRED

Stay grounded to who you really are. Change, especially when you relocate may shake you in ways you had never imagined. You have to have a very strong backbone that will help you maintain your perspective and keep you strong and resilient. Be aware of what you like and don’t like, find ways to energise yourself by doing activities that fill you up with positive energy. This will keep you optimistic and will allow you to maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Number four: RESILIENCE

You won’t know how resilient you are until you relocate. You won’t know how well you cope with the hardships and setbacks in your new life until you experience hardships. Knowing yourself well and being fully aware of your strengths and limitations you will become resilient. Keep moving and stay active. When you don’t like things try and change them. Action will keep you moving and by moving you will feel much better about yourself. Always believe in yourself and that you are quipped to make it! If you couldn’t do it you wouldn’t have taken the decision to relocate in the first place.

Number five: PURPOSE

Ask yourself what is your purpose in life. Ask yourself this question every day and one day you will be able to answer this back. Always try and work towards a long-term goal. Remind yourself that you have relocated for a reason, and that this reason will serve your purpose and your long-term goal. Don’t let life pass you by, have fun, be grateful for what you have and where you are and keep making little steps that eventually will lead you to your purpose. Life is certainly a journey and not a destination.


Never give up! Even when things are hard, do not give up. You need to be disciplined and consistent in whatever you do. Plan little activities that you can do every day. Learn something new about the country every day, go out with people from your work environment, enrol in groups, socialise and try to integrate. Having a network of people will allow you to feel supported and why not have fun! When you feel lonely and you think you cannot cope, don’t dwell on it. Tell yourself that you are here for a reason and through persistence you can deal with everything.

Number seven: COURAGE

You wouldn’t have relocated unless you were an adventurer. You wouldn’t have moved to another county if it wasn’t for your thirst of adventure and the newness. You are courageous by default and you need to remind yourself every day that armed with courage and enthusiasm you can take everything at your stride.


Athina Tsipoura
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