Have you ever seen an hotel made of polystyrene foam ?


Hard to believe that these cute, round houses that look like fairy hideouts are actually hotel rooms..! The hotel is located in Wakayama (on Honshū island, Japan) and even though it is arranged as a small village, it is not cut off from the outside world. You will find hot springs, restaurants and other facilities in the surroundings, and there are convenient stores even inside the village.

As for the rooms, you won’t find two that look the same as every one of them has been furnished and decorated in a different way. They are well-equipped and you can even play Jenga and other board games.

When booking you can choose between two areas, one of them allowing pets, and then choose between the 133 rooms ! They have all sorts of rooms, from a marble floor room to a more traditional japanese-style one.


But the place is not only worth a visit for its funny accommodations, there are plenty of interesting activities than you can do as well. Such as relaxing in a hot spring, discovering the local food (especially the “tore tore ramen”), but also going to markets and to the beach !


There is also a zoo 10 minutes away from the hotel, famous for having 7 pandas.

If you like hot springs, it is the place to go ! The hotel offers different kind of “onsen”, such as a charcoal bath, which is a really ancient and traditional kind of onsen, or open-air bath that faces the Pacific ocean, and even a sauna made of local wood.


This dream-like hotel sounds like the perfect spot to do plenty of exciting experiences and discover Japan in a new way.

If you are near Wakayama or planning on coming to Japan, don’t miss it !



Name : Tore tore village (とれとれヴィレッジ)

Address : 2498–1 Katata, Shirahama-chō, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama-ken, 649–2201

Access : A 5 minutes drive from JR Shirahama station

Phone number : 0739–42–1100

Official website

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