What's On Pic
Oct 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Imagine if all things in the photo on the Internet had tags. This is the beginning of a new e-commerce era and this is What’s On Pic.

What is What’ On Pic?

What’s On Pic is a product based on Ethereum platform designed to improve e-commerce marketplace since it will create a more immediate connection between stores and buyers through photos.
We create What’s On Pic to provide users all over the world with the best online shopping experience.

How does it work?
What’s On Pic will let users tag any photo on the Internet and social media networks with the iOS, Android applications as well as with browser extensions. Artificial intelligence algorithms will allow recognizing the products in the photo as well as all the duplicates of this photo on the Internet. By tapping the desired product in the picture, the user will see more information about the product and get links to the stores to proceed to purchases.
In addition, tagging the products in the photos provide users with cashback rewards. When a purchase takes place, the publishers of the photos will get a reward from the purchase made through their posts.
To make our users enjoy their shopping experience, we create a simple and intuitive website with the user-friendly interface so that they could track their rewards and revenue.

Why contribute?
To ensure transparency, stability, and security of the platform, we implemented blockchain technology based on the Ethereum since it has a unique ability to use smart contracts. Our AWT token can be traded, redeemed and used by any partner using the ERC20 wallet.
What’s On Pic will pay incentives to its adopters using an incentive factor, currently 10:1 (one-tenth the value of a dollar is the equivalent in the AWT to each earned dollar from the cashback). This incentive will be financed from the profit received and it will be purchased on the open market.
We have a great team and plans for our future development that will allow us to scale the project around the world. What’s On Pic is how the e-commerce will look like in the future and you could be a part of it from the beginning.