What’s on Weibo — New Beginnings

September is a month of ends and new beginnings. As a new semester has started, freshmen across China leave their hometowns to start a new life at university. For parents who find it hard to say goodbye, many Chinese universities set up tent camps outside the dorms. We wrote about these so-called “tents of love” (and were also featured in this radio interview / in Dutch).

September is also a new start for China’s most popular taxi-hailing app Didi Chuxing, as it has now acquired Uber China. Since the merge, prices have been rising, and passengers are not happy. Read all about the story of Didi, why its prices are going up, and how Chinese consumers are responding in our latest premium article (try it out, click-and-pay article platform Blendle gives you the first articles for free).

It is also a new beginning for China’s most favorite Japanese athlete Ai Fukuhara, and this 73-year-old model Huang Yanzhen shows that it is never too late to try something new.


Manya Koetse (@manyapan, editor-in-chief What’s on Weibo)

Didi 1

Higher Prices, Bothered Passengers: Why Are Didi’s Prices Going Up? — www.whatsonweibo.com 
 Higher prices, bothered riders. Why are Didi’s prices going up?


Packed Like Sardines — Hangzhou Sees Huge Wave of Tourism After G20 — www.whatsonweibo.com

Packed like sardines! Wave of tourism hits Hangzhou after end of #G20.


Old Teacher-Student Traditions in Modern Times: The Fight Between Guo Degang & Cao Yunjin — www.whatsonweibo.com

Old teacher-student relationships in a new China: the Guo Degang & Cao Yunjun controversy explained.


China’s Most Favorite Japanese Girl Ai Fukuhara is Getting Married — www.whatsonweibo.com

China’s favorite Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara is tying the knot!

Tents 1

The “Tents of Love” Phenomenon: Chinese Parents Sleep in Tents At Their Kids’ New University — www.whatsonweibo.com

At the start of a new semester, more universities across China are setting up tented camps for parents who are seeing off their college freshman children.


Ageless Fashion — China’s “Goddess Granny” Huang Yanzhen — www.whatsonweibo.com

The 73-year-old Huang Yanzhen from Xiamen has become a media sensation in China. With her unique style and young spirit, she is a fashion inspiration to many.