What’s Up Deptford!!

When I first moved to Deptford nearly five years ago it was for the proximity to Greenwich town centre and Greenwich Park. Little did I know how much Deptford had to offer.

A few years earlier I had ‘visited’ Deptford High Street once — when I by mistake made a right turn too early instead of entering Deptford Church Street. At that time I would never had thought I would end up living here.

Among the many things that makes Deptford a great place to live is its interesting history, its vibrant community, its many watering holes, and its active art and music scene. The area is seeing an ongoing rejuvenation, with many new social gathering places cropping up, but I am bit concerned that many local residents won’t be able to reap the benefits.

In this blog, I would like to highlight the many positive things about Deptford and its surrounding areas, but also challenges the community is facing which should not be forgotten in a Deptford that is changing so fast.

Let us be your compass to find your way around Deptford…

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