Donald Trump Proves Democracy Really Works.

The 2016 elections of the USA were a spectacle to say the least. The United States of America stands with a divide. Half of the country stands one way and the other half stands another. This divide is what turns the nation upside down. Metropolitan areas versus the rural areas.

Clinton and Trump are both 2 very interesting characters from an outside view. One is representing all the good and the bad of the establishment, the other is the outside ready to take over the business. We know that the ‘other’ is the one who finally succeeded and received all the attention. Against all odds. An outsider isn’t supposed to win. An underdog is supposed to lose. Trump had nothing going for him. Yet I do not need you to inform who the new President-Elect is.

Clinton should have hit an easy homerun. How is it possible to lose with all those advantages? Let’s take a look at them. Except for the obvious ones such as time and energy.

Clinton’s list :

  • The establishment
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • 90% of the Media outlests
  • 30 years of experience in the politics. Not simple experience either.
  • More money and donors
  • Worked with all kinds of politicians around the globe
  • A secured position as nominee even before she actually was.(Corruption)
  • Obama even came to lend a hand.
  • She was the 1st nominee who was a women.
  • Even has better looks then Trump

Having such advantages is nice and all, but not focusing on the issue that needs to be addressed is the reason for Clinton’s losing. We are operating in a democracy where the votes count. Nothing else in the end. You may lay fire as much as you want on your competitors but votes speak louder than actions or intentions. Trump had way less going for himself.

Trump’s list :

  • Deal making and the art of influencing people.

Trump had only 1 thing going for himself. The outsider spent is whole life making deals and negotiating. After a while, you will start to understand how humans operate in a social setting. Trump had no endorsments or political experience. He used way less money than Clinton did. Nobody defended him and everybody made fun of him. Even as far as going after his looks. Trump is the nerd that gets bullied a lot in highschool but happens to do the biggest things for the world. From no political experience right to the top of the president. The guy nobody cares for in highschool to the most attention in the world.

The reason for Trump’s winning is because he focused on the only thing that mattered. The people. A democracy works when the people get to elect whom the majority voted for. Not the best candidate or the strongest, the one who got the most votes.

One can argue that Clinton won the popular vote and thus should be president-elect. Well, I like clarity. Clinton only had 130,000 votes more when she conceded. 130,000 on 100,000,000 is a too small number for such a major decision. Else we get another Brexit mess.

Trump knew this from the beginning and conquered every demographic one by one. Then he went to the states to get the Electoral votes. He went from rally to rally to speak to the people and to take up the issues. Knowledge and therefore the application of knowledge is what made Trump stand victorious. The hard work matters. He put it in there. Influencing state by state. County by county. Person by person. You can have all the power and money in the world, you need the people by your side. Trump did exactly that and went to the poor miner that lost his job. The factory worker that lost his job because the company decided to move to china. The stay at home mom that is afraid for her kids. Democracy happens when the people vote for the choices they have been given not what some Media outlets or celebrities want you to vote for. Trump brought the democracy of the United States back where it belongs. He channeled the power back to the ones that deserve it. Trump showed us, one of the most powerful forces in this world. The Power of The People.