It Ain’t Ya Time

and although the world keeps making you feel like it’s time to make a move, and you keep saying, “step out on faith”,

lil baby you about to lose,

Cause God has already planned for you, thoughts of goodness and not of harm, but under certain terms and conditions, take this as your warning,

If you decided you gone be bold, he won’t leave you by yourself, but if you walk away from him, then you can’t say he ever left.

You can get mad at him, turn around then decided to pitch a fit, but be glad he ain’t like Mama, quick to tell you cut the Shhhh”

It ain’t ya time,

see social media says bust a move, but just know you gone be screwed, you can tweet, post to insta, snap it, but the next minute be feeling blue.

the world have you so foolish, and what do you do after you done? I guess you put yourself in timeout, cause you realize you still ain’t won.

These people think they done arrived, bad and boujee, shinin, and winnin, but take a look down at ya watch, lil baby you only sittin at the beginnin.

It ain’t ya time,

They say patience is a virtue, but I’m still working on knowing patience, the journey through my life has always been a relay, and I never learned the art of pacin’.

See, my heart just steady racin’ cause I want everything to be fine, Inside I’m hearing go, but

“Lil baby it ain’t ya time”

You thought you hit yo peak, but that was just one step that you took, and you got ready to cross the street, but you didn’t even take time look,

to the right of you there was the enemy, and to the left, there were his friends, and they would’ve counted you out if God wasn’t willing to step in.

Lil Baby, it ain’t ya time. . .

You watch all these people makin it, fakin it’ or doing whatever they decide to do, but you just gone get comfortable because that timer wasn’t for you. . .

I know it gets boring, and you feel frustrated while in line,

but I promise if you be patient, ya seed will bloom,

When it’s ya time!
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