Yelling in Silence

It was louder than the sounds of a drum, and it never missed a beat, like “Auntie” rocking as she hummed, like Kadin dancing with her feet,

You could hear her every word, and though her lips never moved, it was like the singing of a bird, your Soul heard her singing the blues…

She cried out for this world, and everyone who felt alone, for everyone that felt discouraged, for everyone without a song…

She cried out, don’t you worry, don’t you ever fall so low, that you feel within your heart that you can’t make it, that you can’t grow…

She cried out, listen up, hear my voice, and yet her lips still didn’t move, she cried out loud and smoothly, they felt her heart singing the blues!

You see I’ve been there before, I felt that pain, I cried those tears, and if you want to know the truth, I still battle with my fears, I still wrestle with mistakes, I still look back on the past, resenting, hoping, wishing, that I’ll bury regret at last,

She cried out, Girl you better listen to this silence, because there’s a story being told, but if you choose to look past it, at least stay on rhythm, she said, yet her lips were still closed.

And they wondered how she did it, and they’re still wondering today, how her silence was louder than the “Karson at play”.

Keep Yelling Sister, You’ll Soon Be Heard.
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