How Whence Wants To Reward You

Whence is like the Amazon for Main Street. You know all of those mom & pop shops that aren’t tech savvy enough to work with on-demand giants like Amazon? Well, they are awesome to us. And we’ve built our software for them.

We thought of a cool idea, what if by posting a gift that you want, you could get that great new back pack, pair of denim, or piece of art for free?

So we came up with this plan with a low enough barrier to make it easy to execute. All you do is open your Whence app, screen shot that item that you want, and post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Like so:

Take this beautiful tote from Rowe Boutique. Our hope is that more people find out about how cool Whence is and we hope that they learn about all that your Whence app features. Here is a great example from Facebook:

To reward you, if one friend buys it (and adds your name to the special delivery notes) — you will be notified that you will receive 25% off of that item on us. We will actually pay that 25% to Rowe.

If two friends buy it, you will be notified that you have 50% off of that item. And if three friends buy it, we are buying it for you.

Note: Only those who’ve ordered through Whence can use this perk.

All of the details are below and we think that you’ll love them.

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The Whence Co. Team.

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