What’s the point of getting to the point?
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

A bit of a shiny classic there — it’s given me far more to think about than I have time for and was, as ever, disgustingly engagingly written.

We’ll get there when we get there anyway.

Watch the following from 38:36 to 38:54.

Well, you should watch it all … but that’s the relevant part right now and I feel sure you’ll find it as useful in future as I have since I first saw it.

So conversation and travel have a lot in common […] Including road rage.

What a coincidence!

Moreover …

Sure, there are street signs right there, but those could have been rearranged to confuse the Nazis. Probably were.

Not by Nazis, no … by Londoners.

Yeah, in London we resolved this by having more signs per square foot than any other nation in the World … but … none of them indicating what lies in any particular direction — if you’re not from London and don’t know your way around without the aid of signposts, kindly piss off back where you came from!

the thing about living in the modern world is that most people already know what you’re going to say.

Hmmmmm … I do my best to ensure that people have to stay on their toes — it’s amazing how often you can sneak in mention of Hitler, unnatural sexual practices and aliens into an otherwise innoccuous conversation with really very little effort.

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