Hmm, a case of Fundamental Attribution Error?
Koen Smets

Hmm, a case of Fundamental Attribution Error?

A link out to a definition of the FAE?

I’ve been patronised!

Well played, Sir!

: D

Dude, I’ve been working flat out over the Christmas weekend, and I was (and still am) way behind with everything. The best I can do is (a) respond six days late to (b) comments that I’ve only been able to skim read… :-)

I’m pleased to hear it — I’m always in need of more cognitive provocation, as you know.

Ain’t that the truth. And as one needs to be trying less and less to be right, one becomes more trying.

Heh … how positively philosophical … almost a koan, in fact — have you considered spelling your name differently ; )

Well you say that, but can you prove it? Maybe, in time, one develops the kind of buttocks that make fence-sitting awesomely comfortable. Alternatively, uncertainty eventually might lead to a Schrödinger-like state of being on both sides of the fence at once. One becomes capable of experiencing the precise same amount of happiness, whether one is eating the cake or having it.

Unless you, the fence and the fundament upon which you both (in more ways than one) sit are eternal then it’s merely a truism in no need of proof.

As for Schrödinger, the cat was his unliving protest against the absurdity of QM — a sort of politically correct observation that having a pussy is not the preserve of women only and that gender reassignment surgery may be observed to give the lie to the idea … as it were ; )

(You do know that Schrödinger’s cat was misappropriated by the … typically … misguided proponents of QM, not an argument in its favour, yes?)

How can we tell this is not yet the case, I wonder… Maybe I’ve just been discussing an entirely hypothetical case.

We don’t … but, if they are, they certainly aren’t faked in favour of ‘leftist’ ideologies — whatever the dear leaders of the ‘People’s Party’ may protest to the contrary.

But whatever … I’ll take what I can get ; )

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