Allow Me To Introduce Myself

The below is probably not the best way to introduce yourself to a group to which you’ve just been added by a sponsor, is it?

Ooh … this looks like it might have potential!
I shall lurk indeterminately and then jump in, all guns blazing … as if ammunition were no object and I immune to all natural dangers … ruffle feathers, overturn nests, step on the eggs and young and then lose interest, like an ADHD sufferer with three partners’ birthdays to remember … only to return randomly and repeat the process every so often, to the annoyance and frustration of everyone including myself.
I’m looking forward to it already — hello everyone ; )

Oh, well … too late now.

And at least no-one can accuse me of dishonesty or duplicity.

I’m looking forward to it already — hello everyone ; )

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