I will take your word for it.
Elizabeth Mika

Although he’s not a bad author, Elton is not a good writer: his stuff tends to read like a treatise rather than a novel. And, the later stuff, apart from The First Casualty (which is reasonably mature in style), is horribly repetitive to the point of actual word-for-word repetition in one or two of his novels. I think, however, if one considers that he is trying to reach those who aren’t already converted, he may be consciously so: writing for people who need it to be not simply repeated but repeatedly repeated before they absorb it.

That said, however, his stuff is not without its merit and Stark is an important work in terms of giving flesh to the way the World of today works and why we are headed for ecological Armageddon — I recommend reading it just so you know what it is that you’ll be recommending to others afterwards (because the chances are, I suspect, that you will be recommending it to others afterwards).