How??? That is the oddest thing you ever said!
E. Scott Alighieri

And I do say some pretty odd things, eh? : D

I did say surprisingly well.

Until recently, I was living in Berlin … where public transport all but negates the need for anything bu a bicycle, if even that, and one has the option of a CitiCar for those occasions when a car is required.

Since being back in the U.K. my movements have been, of necessity, limited and when I have needed to travel I’ve been in a position to crash with friends for a few days, killing two birds with one stone — so, again, a car/bike has not been necessary.

Moreover … in light of the fact that it has, at no stage in the last two years, been my intent to remain here long term … the idea of investing in a car that is, perforce, restricted to the U.K. by virtue of being a right-hand drive vehicle … or a bike that may not meet the requirements of my next destination, only to have to sell it at a loss subsequently …

Really, I didn’t envisage being in the U.K. for more than a year at the most when I came back, so my plans did not allow for that kind of thinking … and by the time I knew I was going to be here a bit longer than anticipated I could no longer make any determinate prediction of whether such an investment would be worthwhile — again, I didn’t anticipate more than an extra year being necessary and it, therefore, didn’t seem so.

My life really has been turned upside-down these last two years and, to a very large degree, I’ve been living in limbo … like when you have a layover in the small hours of the morning on your journey — long enough to be significant but not long enough to warrant leaving the transit terminus and finding a hotel for the night ….