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Apple’s much vaunted aptitude for designing intuitive systems doesn’t hold up to scrutiny when you look at the Mac either.

If you click on the ‘X’ on a window it closes it.

But if the window happens to be an app/program instead of a folder or popup it minimises it instead — and that despite the fact that there is a perfectly serviceable ‘minimise’ button on both types of window.

It’s inconsistent (and inconsistency is the hallmark of poor design) … and not remotely intuitive (intuitive is when doing something produces a consistent result in all circumstances).

Also, look at the trash can: to delete something, you drag it to the trash can … to eject a medium (but not delete it), you drag it to the trash can.

It’s not intuitive at all and, again— especially in an era with an already long-since established, universal symbol for ejecting a medium … namely the eject button on audio devices as old as cassette players, and on video devices as old as Betamax … that predates the home computer by a considerable marginindicative of a failing in a basic principle of functional Design: that of consistency.

Apple do Style … not Design

They don’t even know enough about fundamental principles of Design to appreciate that — hence their insistence on how good they are at it … which is just the cherry on top really.

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