Cultural Appropriation

It has come to my attention that this is a Thing ®

And not a Good Thing ™ either.

So, out of respect for other cultures, I think we should stop travelling to other countries … especially on holidays — tourism is the ultimate cultural appropriation.

In fact, people should stop using foreign words in their everyday speech or even learning foreign languages — it’s cultural exploitation.

We should also stop watching movies from other countries, reading books by foreign authors, listening to music by foreign bands, looking at works by foreign artists, eating foreign foods, importing foreign goods … or exporting any of our own such — generally speaking, it’s colonialism … taking trade away from indigenous business.

This, I think we can all agree, is only right and proper, ensuring that no-one anywhere need ever fear that their culture (over which they, individually, by the right bestowed upon them by an accident of birth, hold a monopoly) can be disrespected or exploited.