Are we getting into semantic again?
Aura Wilming


Definitely the former!

Nice though … made me laugh : D

Are we getting into semantic again?

No … semantics — the noun is always plural … ‘semantic’ is an adjective.

And pedantry ; P

Look, subordination, or “Slave/Master” or whatever else people like to claim those letters mean

I don’t care one way or the other what the bedwetters [1] call it — it’s all just S&M to me.

I was just recounting what happened the time someone on the scene took umbrage at my use of the term ‘Sadomasochism.’

Interestingly enough, it is the discipline part you say you like. “You keep your hands above your head because I said so … if you know what’s good for you” (italics are mine) is in fact discipline play. Expecting self restraint is discipline play.

No … I’m not into it myself… but if she is then fine … <sigh> … I‘ll play along, if that’s what rocks her boat.

But, if we’re going to engage in diaper-play then we’re doing it my way.

Self-restraint is not discipline-play … it’s just adult behaviour — self-control.

I didn’t want to do it in the first place, remember … so if I’m going to be obliged to demean myself by pandering to her developmentally arrested urges, she’s gonna learn what discipline is really all about … and she’s gonna control herself, not expect me to take on the role of some inadequate who can only play at being a man because he’s really only a boy — I’m her lover, not her fucking father!

As I said, I’m not interested in little girls, but women: I want a challenge … someone who gives as good as they get and will wrestle for dominance and take charge when that’s what she wants to do but, equally, do me the same courtesy when I feel that “enough’s enough, woman … now it’s my turn.”

I don’t need tying up myself: if it’s clear that what she wants is to be the alpha for a while and she’ll have a good time as a result, I‘ll acquiesce but … just as I want someone I can respect, an equal … in Life as well as in bed … someone who’s not a pushover … so should she, if she wants to be with me — and I’ll be that man too … take charge as and when the occasion demands.

I don’t need paraphernalia … I don’t need to role-play — for me to be excited enough by her to want her in the first place, she has to be exciting enough all on her own … otherwise she’s not the right woman for me anyway.

As Jim Jefferies said … albeit in jest … all I need is you [2].

Although it was a joke, there’s actually a serious point there that he was making.

Women complain about male sexuality because it’s raw and unromantic and … you don’t need me to outline what you already know.

But, actually, if it’s healthy … not ‘Cluster B‘ abuse … then it’s incredibly romantic — you … just you … no make-up, no accoutrements, no toys, no paraphernalia, nothing … you are enough to excite me … overwhelm me … enflame my passion and I neither want nor need any more than just you.

How much more romantic than that do you think it can get, ffs!?

Dude, you should totally play The Evil Within 2. The first antagonist is a photographer using some sort of time loop camera to make art of his kills. Gruesome and beautiful.

I’ll take a look … it could be fun — thanks for the tip.

But, really, I only said it for her benefit, not mine. I was just doing my usual thing of “So, you think you’re hardcore do you? Let’s see, shall we?

It was a bit wordy for my taste … a bit effete …flowery — vampires and werewolves and blood tears and other tree-hugging hippy crap for adolescents.

And fetishists don’t impress me. Serial killers and their trophies — inadequate bedwetters like all the others … only with even less self-control.

If I do fantasise about that kind of thing, I don’t waste time on nonsense like streams of blood and symphonies of screams … I fantasise about brutal efficiency: how many, how quickly? I fantasise about body count and about one-shot-one-kill — the only theatrical aspect to it is the “up-close-and-personal” sawn-off from point-blank range element.

But people like her need the verbiage … the verbal diarrhoea … to get them hot and moist— that’s why they’re into the role-play and paraphernalia to begin with.

So, I gave her what she (thought) she wanted.

Turns out she wasn’t as hardcore a she liked to believe though — they never are in my experience.

[1] They’re both bedwetters — the sub because … well, we’ve discussued that already … and the dom, because really? You aren’t already alpha enough in your day to day life? Seriously … what a wuss!

[2] For any given value of ‘you.’

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