Diplomatic Immunity

“I was only doing my job, sir!”

“Yes, but … however unwittingly … you’ve caused a diplomatic incident … and honour must be defended most rigorously in some cultures — to the death in some cases, I fear.”

“But … he’s a European, sir!”

“Nevertheless he has made demands that we cannot, at this time, afford not to honour. It’s a matter of national interest that cannot, unfortunately, be compromised for the sake of one man … however unfortunate the outcome for that man … however unjust — and, for the good of the nation, your life must be forfeit, I’m sorry to say.”

“I have a wife and young daughter! Who will provide for them!?”

“Make a note of that, Alexa.

Hmmmm … on second thoughts, could it be a house fire instead of in the line of duty, do you think? It would tie up those loose ends, save us an awful lot of paperwork and the nuisance of public enquiry … not to mention the cost of a widow’s pension.”

“Good … that’s that resolved then.”

Well, goodbye … Sergeant, was it? It’s a terrible business, but Politics is a dirty, rotten one, I’m afraid … we all need a wash at the end of the day — sad to say but none of us is immune.”

“Alexa … send the Ambassador in now— I have some news that I’m sure will please him.”

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