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Disregard the little trees at the smaller lakes

Hmmmmm …

What about those who, like me, have, over the years, used other platforms and are now … much to their own surprise … ready to take the next step they didn’t know was there to be taken until they discovered Medium?

Here on Medium, I am obliged to re-think what I post and why because there is a different (kind of) audience here to the ones on Twitter, Facebook, et al.

I am obliged to reconsider my style and contemplate a different way of writing altogether — from scatter-gun ‘journaling’ to more considered ‘writing’ … from posting whatever pops into my mind as and when it does, to curating thoughts and ideas and marshalling them into something more substantial.

And that can, surely, only be a good thing — it obliges …and, hopefully, eventually enables … me to grow as a writer.

But that growth will not happen overnight and if my little tree at the smaller lake is disregarded then that growth will never happen — it will wither and die.

And the same is true of all the other little trees.

Even more so of the shrubs … the first timers — the ones who come straight to Medium, bypassing the other platforms because it, or the audience, appeals more for some reason.

In today’s world … on the Internet/Web/whatever it becomes next … there are always going to be too many lakes — too many ponds, rock-pools … even puddles … let alone lakes. That is the nature of the (ha) medium.

But I love stumbling upon an unexpected rock-pool or a charming, little village-pond. I don’t always want to be overwhelmed by lake Victoria’s grandeur.

I don’t always want to be awed by the Redwood forest — sometimes I want to sit under a a young tree, barely more than a sapling, and wonder at how far it has yet to go and imagine what it will one day become.

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