Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby!

So … I’m gonna have to buy a CD to get those two tracks, am I?

How … … … quaint. [1]

That was hard work!

Listened to around 200 tracks. Whittled the shortlist down to around 75.

Will have to do the same on another site tomorrow.

Then … when I’ve finally gone through them all again and cut my wishlist down to a more manageable 40 or so tracks between the two sites … I’ll have to do it all again for each of the other 12 genres of music I need to get more music to play in.

Gonna be a long couple of weeks <sigh>

I’m supposed to be looking for new Electro trax but ‘unfortunately’ all I’ve found so far are some utterly blinding Dubstep, Breaks and PsyBreaks.


Been listening to some absolutely blistering beats though — I think I must’ve dropped the baby on the hot-plate.

Some of it is, allegedly, Progressive House, but I swear the only kind of progression I can see that house following is in the steps of Amytiville.

New additions include four or five tracks to take any Breaks set from ‘hard and dark’ to ‘outright fucking scary’ … and three ridiculously bouncy, cheerful ones — something for everyone then ;)

Hmmmm … a Crunk remix of a seriously scary industrial Dubstep track.


What do I play?

Filth, sleaze and aggression.

There are things I really can’t say, because they’re just too extreme for even me to give voice to — so, as I can’t say them, I play them instead [3].

You couldn’t call it domestic abuse because I don’t play it at home [4].

So … I guess it’s more sort of a date-rape kinda thing ;)

[1] That’s right … I’m being calm about it [2].

[2] Yes, absolutely … now would be a good time to run and hide.

[3] Them: “Hehe [WAF] probably thinks LTJ Bukem is Chillout.”

Me: Oh … isn’t it then?

[4] Well, I do [5] … but you get my point.

[5] If it isn’t good enough to play out, why would I waste time listening to it at home?

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