Facing Up To My Responsibilities

Oh, God, I’ve got to write something … got to think of something to say.

And my mind is blank.

Well, not blank as such … it’s never blank …

But it’s not thinking about things I necessarily want to put into the public domain … nor about things I think anyone else would be interested in either.

I’d look around the room, seeking inspiration … some jumping off point … but fear that it would result in some treatise-length piece — and I’m just not in the mood right now [1].

What has just struck me is that the ‘u’ and the ‘i’ keys on the keyboard are also very close together

Also the ‘g’ and the ‘t’’ — maybe I should stop signing my emails off with ‘regards’ … just in case.

If you’re multilingual, thinking about keyboards leads to thoughts about different layouts and it occurs to me that Americans … or rather U.S. citizens (sorry Latin America) … say “I could care less” … which puzzles me — because I really couldn’t.

I’m rambling, aren’t I?

My mind wandering …

As much as anything else, I’m procrastinating …

… putting off the trip to the kitchen that entails cleaning it.

It’s not exactly Ground Zero as such … not this time anyway … and I did make a stab at doing most of the washing up recently but it was exhausting [2] and I ended up walking away from it without having done the cutlery.

But I’m going to have to do the cutlery, a pan/colander/plate/cup … wipe surfaces down … and all the other things I notice when I‘m out there <sigh>.

And it really isn’t an inspiring prospect, I have to say.

In fact it’s so uninspiring a prospect that I can’t even think of a shaggy dog tale about it — even the ironing is more inspiring than that …

What I want to know is who it is that takes tea/coffee with them into the toilet and throws it at the fucking walls — walls I not so long ago painted too!

It can’t be any of my (in more ways than one) irregular guests, which only leaves family members … my sister/nieces — I’m going to have to set up a CCTV/webcam in the kitchen to catch whoever it is so that I can berate them.

<siii … iii … igh>

I’m gonna have to do it, aren’t I?

Wish me luck.

If you don’t hear from my 02:00/2 a.m. GMT, call the emergency services and get them to pay me a visit, please.

Okay then … here goes …

[1] I’ve got enough on my plate working out what’s going into this, thanks very much … and don’t have the elan to deal with that right now either.

[2] Mind-numbing, soul-sapping, spirit-crushing.

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