I think I prefer the accusation of sloppy language over that of inappropriate projection, however…
Koen Smets

the point is not why people prefer getting a bottle of wine over getting a £20 note as a gift, but the observation that they act as if it is to be preferred.

Fair enough … although I did have one (eventually somewhat heated) discussion with someone who objected to being given a box of extremely expensive) chocolates in return for a favour, when the person who surprised them with that box of chocolates should have given them £50 instead.

Not because there had been any agreed contract of work … or even an understanding that the favour would be recompensed — it was a no-strings attached favour.

Not because the chocolates weren’t good quality— not at £50 for eight chocolates … in 1995!

But because she would have preferred it — not that she let him know that in advance or anything (it wasn’t a transactional relationship to start with, remember) … no, it was just bitterly disappointing that he had surprised her with chocolates rather than cold, hard, cash.

Later, I realised that she was a Psychopath — but that’s a different story.

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