I think this is the core of the human condition: almost all of our objectives (assuming we have…
Koen Smets

To me, this is why economics is such a powerful instrument to understand behaviour

Hmmmm … as a Psychologist, I’d have to say that a lot of what you write about is Psychology not Economics; the latter may be the empirical substrate but the subject of your pieces is frequently (if not exclusively) the former — Behavioural Economics indeed … or, is it really just Psychology with a focus on economic behaviour rather than neurolobiology or personality theory, for instance?

And to what end do you study these economic behaviours? If it’s in order to understand human activity rather than simply how money flows then you’re primarily a Psychologist. :)

As an aside I was entirely unimpressed by Freakonomics — the guy’s a charlatan … co-opting seriously old Psychology and re-badging it as his own ‘new’ work in economics.

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