I do believe, not so deep down in my heart of hearts (in a manner of speaking), that humanity’s…
Elizabeth Mika

I do believe […] that humanity’s evolution is trending toward peace, compassion, cooperation, and loving-kindness.

We do seem to be doing so … but, oh, so, slowly — and I’m not convinced we will get far enough before it is too late to save us from ourselves.

This is what most of us yearn for, even if we don’t necessarily always know how to go about achieving any of it.

I think I used to.

Sadly, however, these days my first thoughts seem to be darkly vengeful rather than positive — If I had one wish, it wouldn’t be for the power to reform people but rather, I fear instinctively now, to punish them horribly :(

But we can learn, I hope […] We can and must build a better world, I believe. Little by little.

As I said, I envy you your optimism, but all this has minded me to post something I wrote a good few years ago now — it isn’t very positive, I’m afraid.

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