I Laughed. I Cried. It Changed My Life.

Right … that’s your lot for the foreseeable.

I’m gonna have an early night for once … kick back … put on some seriously sexy zenonesque Psytrance [1] … and kill a few people.

Even if today has been productive, thought-provoking, entertaining, amusing and, generally speaking, surprisingly rewarding all around … it has also been not a little tiring and, as I’ve posted my three entries for the day already, I think I’ve earned some time off for behaviour.

Yes, I’m aware that the word ‘good’ is missing from that sentence, but I’m no hypocrite, thank you.

Nightnight, Freakshow [2].

I would say “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”, but it’d only cause your fevered little brain to think about things you shouldn’t, so … don’t do anything and it’ll all be alright — not that you do anything worth mentioning as it is, but you get the point ;P

[1] Last time I played this stuff out, there wasn’t a dry pair of panties thrown my way, I’m telling you.

[2] Yes … you.