Yes, I’m sure I can rule out overlap between bestiality, pup-play and primal in my case.
Aura Wilming

Yes, I’m sure I can rule out overlap between bestiality, pup-play and primal in my case.

I was thinking more of the physical from the mental, but fair enough … I deliberately misconstrue others’ intent to comedic effect, so who am I to deny you the same dubious pleasure?

Pup play, by the way, is when one of the two is treated like a pet, in most cases a dog. We’re talking all the bells and whistles — collars, leashes, sleeping at the foot of the bed, stuff like that. I’ve even heard of binding of the opposable thumbs with tape or gloves to make hands more like paws. These people get off on the concept of having an owner to take care of them. I don’t see the appeal, but whatever floats their boat, right?

If the inbred bed-wetters want to writhe around in soiled nappies/daipers in their free time then whatever but, obviously, I hold them in the utmost contempt myself; their peccadilloes are such laughably pathetic ones — debasing oneself before a parent figure … really? Are they really so developmentally arrested that they need to indulge infantile, pseudomasochistic “I’m the apple of my mommy’s eye … her naughty little cherub … the centre of her universe” fantasies?


Another by the way, since we started this whole conversation with my statement I am in fact moral, I did take explicit consent as a given. So I agree, use a person only when they asked.

Yeah … like I said though, it doesn’t really do it for me.

Use them, abuse them, make them feel cheap?

No thanks … I’m not into paedophillia and don’t get off on mental retardation either — they can come talk to me when they’ve grown up (if they ever do).

If I lust after you, you don’t need to ask me to use you, trust me — it’s kind of a given that I’m taking carnal delight in you and your body really.

Furthermore, I’ll show you any number of ways in which only your equal can make you squirm — because a subordinate can’t hold you in their thrall … and a superior won’t be spending time with you in the first place for that very same reason.

And that goes for biting and scratching as well: only on request.

Unless explicitly asked “please don’t … I really don’t like it,” I’ll get as close to biting and scratching as I dare without actually doing it — fangs bared … claws drawn … growling and snarling. And you’ll know that it’s only on sufferance that I don’t let myself go … and tear your throat out.

But that’s the point … I don’t.

I’m in control of myself — vibrating like a violin string that’s about to snap … or a glass just before it shatters from a high-pitched tone … but gentle nevertheless.

Because being gentle doesn’t come naturally to me it’s all the more rewarding because you appreciate it all the more for knowing that it’s something I do for you … for both of us … something that is a conscious choice … and therefore my desire to be so with you that much more significant for it.

Just never forget that I’m not tame.

Like Sam Vimes, I’m in control of myself through sheer bloody minded will to power — I desire to be a certain way … to be a certain person … and so, even though it is not my innate nature to be so, I am.

But the Beast is there inside … always.

If I bite and/or scratch, it’s at your request (explicit or intimated) or indulgence … but never more than a lover’s caress in comparison to what my urges are screaming at me to do to show you how intensely, how passionately, I feel about you … by ripping you to pieces, tearing you to shreds, breaking every bone in your body, crushing the breath and the life out of you — like I said, it’s animal … only the intellect is what keeps it in check … keeps an act of love from becoming an act of of feeding the Beast.

You really can’t admire the primitive brain? That completely ego driven part of the human that is willing and able to do anything it takes to get what it desires?

No … ‘Cluster B’ personality disorders do not appeal to me — that degree of evolutionary arrest… that degree of developmental retardation … is not attractive.

Oh, they can be clever, yes … educated … intellectually stimulating and entertaining … but they’re not actually intelligent.

Moreover, they have little to no impulse control … and that’s a real turn-off — infantile egotism is not sexy.

Self-control … the ability to resist overwhelming primal urges by sheer force of will …. raw animal instinct overridden by a strength that can only come from the mind drawing on the very source of power it seeks to corral and contain …

… now that’s hot.

Shame. I feel the real raw power of anyone is in that part of them.

Nope … not me.

1. see above.

2. Real power lies in the ability to walk, barefoot, across hot coals … break rock with the bare hand … face down a wild animal … lift a truck off a baby … take a bullet for your loved one …

The completely ego-driven, who do whatever it takes to get what they want, are children … have no self-control … cannot resist their urges. Men and women don’t give in to their base instincts — they have them … but they are in control of themselves.

Power comes from the mind … not mindlessness — directed and lethal anger … not uncontrolled, ineffectual rage.

Only lower life-forms cannot exert will over animal urge — and lower life-forms do not arouse me.

And I might be biased due to selective experience, but I find that the stronger higher functioning minds have been developed like that because there’s a stronger primitive brain — more of the animal — to keep in check.

I’ll have to give that one some thought.

As I said, albeit there may occasionally be a tension between them, it’s the two in harmony that appeals to me — mind and body as one … animal and higher being in balance.

So, yes, speaking for myself, that would describe me well — but only because … as it happens … I am the next stage in Human evolution … genetically, biologically, physiologically, psychologically, mentally, spiritually and morally superior in every way. [1]

I’m modest too ;)

So, yes, there is a lot of the animal to keep in check but my superior mental faculties did not develop merely in order to achieve that specifically … it’s just an inevitable consequence of being the Übermensch — not exactly coincidental … more parallel.

It’s the gentlemen you need to watch out for; they are hiding something *smirk*

Not if my experience of being one is anything to go by — I adhere to the highest moral principles no matter the cost, no matter others’ perception … whether anyone but I myself notices or not.

Again it’s an act of will to power and I have nothing to hide because I am unassailably virtuous — it’s another one of the many things that make me so charismatic and desirable to both sexes, children, animals and … if they exist … aliens too, I shouldn’t wonder.

That and my innate modesty.

Did I mention how modest I am?

Probably not — it would, after all, be immodest of me to do so, would it not?

But I am — I’m not boastful … I’m just not falsely modest either ;)

I got the joke though.

However, such ‘gentlemen’ are inevitably … invariably … inadequate — hence their urge to play a subordinate role … in which inadequacy is the norm and thus, for a short while, they need not be obliged to compensate and attempt to hide the fact that they they are children, not adults … that this is not role-play, their everyday lives are.

At the end of the day, such individuals have little or nothing to hide, save an enormous inadequacy — oh, the irony, eh?

[1] In your terms, it’s probably best to consider me like Star Trek’s Khan … but without any of his shortcomings ;)

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