I’ve started wondering if streaming music and purchasing digital records is actually lets me enjoy…
Rafael Pérez

I’m not sure that the digital vs analogue thing is the issue so much as the pick ’n’ mix approach that streaming/downloading results in.

Whether I don’t stream/download them in the first place or simply skip all but the ‘hits’/‘anthems’ on an album, the end result is the same.

Many’s the album from back in the day that had some track on it that I didn’t like but let play out because I couldn’t be bothered to skip it — the next (fantastic) track I was waiting for would be along soon enough, so ‘whatever, let it play out.’

With repeated listening, however, it would gradually dawn on me that that particular track was actually the best one on the entire album!

So, I agree with what I think is the crux of your point, but I think it’s down to the artistic/consumption format rather than the technological one.