The Sort Of Person Who
Aura Wilming

Real honest personal conversations ironically are had with people you don’t care about and who don’t care about you.

It’s a known phenomenon: there’s a phrase that describes it … something along the lines of ‘the kindness of strangers’ but not — more like ‘the solace of strangers’ but not that either.

But it’s quite common for people to open up to strangers on the train/bus/subway/wherever about the most intimate of things — especially in big cities … where there’s the safety net of being pretty sure you’ll never see them again.

The one thing that is most likely to change you loved one’s perception of you? Learning you felt like you couldn’t be completely honest and personal with them.


I may be inspired to post something related to this idea on my own profile in the future — about love and communication.

But, in the meantime, I find it’s just better to make sure they never find out ;)

Aren’t we humans beautiful creatures?

It’s a sad and beautiful world.

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